Jimmy Rodgers Trial: Monday, Why the poorest county in West Virginia 1 day ago   7:53:06

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Defense attorneys for Jimmy Rodgers are expected to begin making their case on Monday.

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Everytime I go on vacation, I always by a screwdriver set.....says no one!
Killer Mama
Why does the defence get to argue for a JOA a second time when no new evidence has been presented since the last time they argued? Nothing new to offer stop repeating yourselves and wasting court time.
helen schneider
Defense still never says......”Jimmy didn’t do it” .....why? Because he did it.
Gina Shaffer
I'm just happy the female defense attorney didnt do the closing. The man did the best he could with the evidence and client he has without shuffling a gazillion papers and making me fall asleep. I think Roger's will still be found guilty, but defense did a decent job.. in my opinion
Lara Desautel
I cannot even fucking believe it’s ok for state to be interrupted during closing now three fucking times .. once is too many!! Outrageous!! Wow with the defense interrupting as it goes on.. desperation! Holy fuck- a fourth time!!! Just..disgustingly unethical!
Lara Desautel
That would be hilarious if Rodgers jumped up and yelled at his attorney for how badly he’s skewering their pathetically idiotic plan. I mean.. If Rodgers did it then he surely believes his attorney will find him repulsive af .. unless.. he knows it’s all a show and just a narrative the guy’s created.
Lara Desautel
Yes sir..the case is ridiculous..but that’s not due to the state..that’s due to your dipshit client and his coconspirators.
Lara Desautel
All the things defense points to as too absurd to be true have freaking supporting corroborating evidence - besides and in addition to freaking wright - that shows they did these idiotic things..
Lara Desautel
I actually like this crusty ole defense attorney. He’s sharp sarcastic and gets how absurd this is although irony of all ironies his client does happen to be just that freaking stupid.. but what the hell can he do? He does the best he can with what he has.. which is basically saying come on.. jimmy can’t be that dumb y’all? Neither of them are THAT dumb!! This was spur of the moment by Wright alone y’all.. but unfortunately I totes believe it happened as all the evidence and witnesses testified ... Jimmy’s guilty af!
Blondies facial expressions are hilarious when pros is closing :oD.......def is done for!
Lara Desautel
...of the Theresa seivers? Ugh .. more grammatical errors. Gross!
Lara Desautel
It’s tittled - princiPAL then inside the definition referred to as a - princiPLE. Uh oh..that’s a sad mistake for the state in a MURDER trial! Ugh..not not noticing such mistakes bugs me!
_Dimechyc _
I absolutely love this prosecutors opening and closing statements. Job well done! 👏 praying for justice for the family....
Marie Smith
The interruptions by the defense show their desperation!!
Voakley ฯ
We are paying.
Marie Smith
Who is paying for the 4 defendant's lawyers?
The closing by the defense is pretty much proving that these two are idiots. The problem with going over and over how stupid it was and unbelievable it was to have the tracking device and doing the Walmart trip is this: they want you to believe Wright when he says he did all of that and that he murdered this woman but they don’t want you to believe that aJimmy was dumb enough to do the same thing. They want you to believe a lot of Wright’s testimony but then they call him a liar. Can’t have both! I think Jimmy will be convicted.
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Why the poorest county in West Virginia Jimmy Rodgers Trial: Monday, 1 day ago   10:31

Donald Trump was more popular in McDowell County than anywhere else in America during the Republican primaries. Paul Lewis explores the power of the Republican presidential nominee’s message in the poorest county of West Virginia.
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