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Top 10 Best Universities In The World ✔ | A Day In The Life: Mit Student - At Up-Tube.com

Top 10 Best Universities in the World ✔ A Day in the Life: MIT Student 8 months ago   08:15

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Top Universities In The World - Top 10 Best Universities in the World
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University rankings can focus on many different factors, including attractiveness of campus, satisfaction of students and alums, extracurricular benefits (such as top athletics programs), affordability of tuition, and expected income of graduates.
But if the focus is on academic prestige, scholarly excellence, and intellectual horsepower, this article provides the ranking you want. At the universities in this ranking, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the brightest faculty and students in the world, developing your knowledge and skills so that you yourself will be in a position to join the world’s elite academics, scientists, and thinkers.
For this ranking, we looked to the Center for World-Class Universities operated by Shanghai Jiao Tong University .This center specializes in ranking universities around the world by academic performance.

Top 10 Best Universities in the World:

Number 10 . Oxford University
Number 9. University of Chicago
Number 8. Columbia University
Number 7. California Institute of Technology
Number 6. Princeton University
Number 5. University of Cambridge
Number 4.University of California at Berkeley
Number 3.Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Number 2. Stanford University
Number 1. Harvard University


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Comments 534 Comments

Paul Crooks
Oxford and Cambridge are number 1 and2.
Fook Seng Loke
A good university depends on the quality of its students. With Donald Trump’s intense fervour of eliminating foreign students from some countries, this ranking list will change.
I Renka
I didn t see Disneyland here? ...Disneyland here. :-)
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The video mentions no slection criteria, resulting in factually wrong rankings. Refer to credible sources instead, such as QS or THE.
jawaid manzoor
were it not stuck in the jaws of English language and money, it is strange that Germany and France is not in the list. Here can say in the top ten. Forget the rest.
M Africa
Wow l am from a small country in Lesotho amd was raised in America because my father attended Stanford and my aunt attended Harvad. I knew Stanford was a good school but l never knew it ranked so high.
Vanitha BC
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Benjamin Williams
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Dan Constantinescu
Simona Halep a avut un meci f.greu cu Gibbs în primul tur de la US Open din New York.Simo a avut servicii slabe și în plus nu prea a avut imaginație în joc în unele momente părând obosită.Gibbs,deși e #135 wta e o jucătoare puternică,cu o f.buna condiție fizică .In curând va avansa în top 30.
zulkifli md hussain
Could Malaya University , Malaysia be ranked 1/10 of world top universities ?
John J Mirabal
#1 take away : Don’t let School get in the way of your education.
Elvis Ganje
How can this university get on top? Some intelligence please? It's still small, yes, but corruption has had its fill. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/YDixA5__RoL
Abdul Sz
Any university that you graduate will be the best because your goals is to study and find a proper job.the person mention the us universities mostly what about japan, German, France, and canada.as well as Russian.Beacause these countries have a very good educational background too.
This is no longer up to date. Every year ranking changed. No.1 now is MIT, followed by Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, etc. My school is among the etc.
zulkifli md hussain
When Malaysia can become one of top ten riches countries in the world ?
avinash zunje
Frank Gutowski
The correct name for Oxford University is The University of Oxford.
Douneo singson
Where is Berlin university ? It will be the no 1
Gourav Kamilya
Where's IIT?
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A Day in the Life: MIT Student Top 10 Best Universities in the World ✔ 8 months ago   11:16

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