How Many Cameras Does a Phone Nokia 9 hands-on: too many cameras? 1 day ago   04:07

Wall Street Journal
Multicamera rigs are the hot thing in smartphones. But what are all those lenses and sensors actually doing? And how many of them do you need anyway? From optical zoom to blurry backgrounds, WSJ's David Pierce explains everything you can do when your phone has extra eyeballs. Photo/Video: Emily Prapuolenis/The Wall Street Journal

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Ben Franklin
Blame Huawei & LG for starting the multiple camera trend.
Hamza Qayyum
Samsung: We got 3 cameras on the back
Nokia: Hold my beer
Belal Ayub
I always hated this guy
Joshua Schmidt
I learned nothing from this video
huajie666 liu
I just wish Apple can make a smartcamera. The camera have much better hardware. Then the camera has advanced and simple system. Let us face it, the DSLR is complicated to use because we need to adjust some key elements manually. People may find it too complicated. Apple can make a simpler one I believe.
he'd never throw an iPhone
Rod Neuer
Google pixel laughing hard
huajie666 liu
Other manufacturer such as Huawei have two. But the original purpose is to work together to capture more details. This is fundamentally different with iPhone philosophy. In this case, maybe two cameras working together at the same time is acceptable. Some manufacturer use two lenses, one is main one, the other is for detecting depth for portrait picture. This is also acceptable. Telephoto? I don't need that. I can walk closer and there is no end of it.
huajie666 liu
The purpose of multi camera is to shoot faraway objects. But, but, but how far is the end? There is no end. Some demand one to shoot Mars, some need one to shoot Neptune. There is no end! One is enough. Seriously.
You Played Yourself
Do you want an annoying man on the wall street journal?
*Throws man*
You can chose that if you want to.
F off smartphones and numbers of cameras
There are no need of any of that stupid stuff
One camera front and one rear enough
Paras Jain
Give those phones to me!
Ramil Derogongun
You only need one that has good optical zoom and huge sensor.
Sanket V
Very Well Explained
Charbel Haddad
Y'all need to work on those thumbnails
Vivek Singh
David with The Verge.....
Jovial Jose
You didn't publish the results of the throw test 🤔
Debashis Karmakar
No matter how much you mother cracker hate Samsung we'll still buy Samsung u apple puppet......🖕🖕🖕🖕😊😊😊😊
Manik Kalore
Don't worry guys there clearly a bean bag behind him to throw the phones..
.. why not? And no. The camera is not the most important feature ..
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Nokia 9 hands-on: too many cameras? How Many Cameras Does a Phone 1 day ago   05:11

The Nokia 9 is HMD Global’s new flagship at MWC 2019, and it might be the company’s most ambitious phone yet. With a show-stopping five — count ‘em, five — cameras on the back, this phone officially takes the crown for the most rear cameras ever put on a phone.

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