Tesla Model X: Strange Quirks The Tesla Model X FULL REVIEW 8 months ago   10:55

Doug DeMuro
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Here are all the strange quirks and the cool features of the new Tesla Model X.

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Dominick's Dumbass Channel
10:48 best laugh ever
Dominick's Dumbass Channel
6:57 its cyclists not bicicyclists
Dominick's Dumbass Channel
3:33-4:21 TESLA ABUSE
kamaljit singh
The car is very small and the the front is very ugly and it looks like a ghost face it should be bigger
Prem B
😅 My favorite Feature
One of my favorite feature
How many time? 😂
jerry wright
0:58 and go i will... (Runs into watermelon stand)
Jigo Zaens
This man is not just educational, he's fun to watch. (Sub!)
5:25 why did the door only open that much? looks like a defect because there's obviously more room
Sama & Mamas
How much!!!! I want itt
Aisha McDade
I saw a guy do a road trip with this car and I've been in love ever since. I'm sure by the time I could afford it something new and hopefully better will be out. But I'm excited about the future of auto pilot and self driving cars. Seen a few videos of people sleeping while using it. Lol
Asimobi Emmanuel
Pls Stop saying "And break pedal....door"
if you unfortunately forget your car key. inside the car what would you do ?
Adam Lawrence
Is that "Billy In The Streets" cousin?
This is what a DeLorean might’ve looked like if he didn’t blow it. Pun intended.
Deepak k
It's look like a naughty kid got it favourite present on Christmas
is he saying telsa car doors are annoying? omg i wish i had those kind of problems
Washington Mothapo
Why aren't all the rich Americans driving Tesla's?
ritesh bangera
We cant open door in a rain 😅. Water will come in.
Meme Dude
You don’t have to keep the button pushed down to open the falcon doors from the back passenger seats.
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The Tesla Model X FULL REVIEW Tesla Model X: Strange Quirks 8 months ago   1:00:02

In today’s Autogefühl's episode, we present you the Tesla Model X as 100D. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and driving experience - and the Tesla easter eggs :)

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