Attempting To Eat 30 Burgers at IN N OUT.. Настя и папа играют в магазин 2 days ago   06:10

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Steve don’t die doing something dumb please I love ur content
Drew Moody
Just stop, do something else for a living
Henry Ro
I’m hungry now 😂😤
Papa Long Bags
Eat 50 tacos, with hot sauce
ek mama
In out is sooo bad
XXX Triple XXX cool guy
You a big boy
Jose Trujillo
How many but plugs do you think he had to keister before attempting to eat 30 patties?
Jay Rodriguez
Bunch of baddies!
Dobrik helped people enjoy their burgers. GTFO. Self harm is not admirable.
Demon Samurai Hanzo
People need to mind there fucking business
FPS Amaari
Trynna impress them girl wit them pushups
ll ApexSyphon ll
Who's getting diabetes Steve is
Nick Bernal
You must of been thirsty have eating all 30 what did you drink after eating all 30 cheese burgers? We are just curious 8)
Radio 1
& you not black
This is how much weight he gained when he ate 30 hamburgers sorry for bad grammar

Leandro Zaragoza
30 patties challenge. Title is misleading. DISLIKE
ramsey wilson
Get bucked
ramsey wilson
Fuuccckkk yeeeee
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Настя и папа играют в магазин Attempting To Eat 30 Burgers at IN N OUT.. 2 days ago   12:08

Настя в роли покупателя игрушек и работника отеля, а папа продавец и смешной постоялец. В конце они находят необычные сюрпризы.
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