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My Ex-Girlfriend Told Me Shes Pregnant😔... | Dirty Truth Or Dare [Goes - At Up-Tube.com

MY EX-GIRLFRIEND TOLD ME SHES PREGNANT😔... DIRTY Truth or Dare [goes 1 day ago   20:15

David Clark
#davidclak #mukbang
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Meme Davis
Y’all Would Be So Cute Together !! ❤️
NoLimit Viso
Y’all cute
iKeep Dribbling
No cap bro I think it’s yours cause y’all stop talkin 6 months ago and she only has 3 months left before she gives birth and the baby only supposed to stay in your stomach for nine weeks
Daishaa Ellie
Better hope it ain’t urs Cause it won’t be cute bc she not cute
Daishaa Ellie
Daishaa Ellie
Why do you keep hanging out with ur wx
Marina Johnson
Marina Johnson
Marina Johnson
Skye Crumbley
Oh I be texting her on ig
KaliyahJanai Tv
gained sm respect for you in this video bro 💜
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panera jalapeno kettle chips smack try them
James Bell
Aye somebody count how many times david picked up that straw wraper
She so damn cute uhh😫😍
Mo Saine
What is the beat name. It’s hard
Princess Danii
She is so pretty
Joshua Montez Stone
laid det law down
Kmontem Stafford
Fr tho man get back with her she cold
Brook odie
How many kids does she have
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DIRTY Truth or Dare [goes MY EX-GIRLFRIEND TOLD ME SHES PREGNANT😔... 1 day ago   22:44

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