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You've figured out your value prop, you've got a great product under development. Now what? How can you develop a roadmap to build a company? VCs often qualify deals as being a "feature" a "product" or a "company." Which do you have and how will you get where you want to go? During this session we'll discuss how to think about designing your product as a foundational element of your business. Think beyond UX and Architecture to Whole Product, Ecosystems, and Strategic partners. Formulate how to design your go to market strategy and business model into your product with a modular architecture, distinctive packaging and a frictionless approach.

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some notes:
feature, product, or company

"where to sell 3d tech" that is actually easy but just wasn't done.


segment consumer segments, consumer markets, instead of products.
Brock Oborn
This video is well done. Check out FTM on Facebook if youre interested in making products!
Arda Ertas
set speed to 1.5, trust me.
Yusuf Uzun
I want to leave a note here and continue watching. This is very informative for sure. But I am sorry, you failed just in 6 minutes, I see that you are wrong. Instagram, facebook, foursquare all has messaging as feature, it is nature of these products, they want people to interact in their product, not in another product. So making a product doesn't means you should not take care of other things. Especially when your purpose is "connection".
why the fuck am i watching this at 3 am
Can you please add the auto-translate captions for your channel and all videos?
Great speech always even years later. Thanks. Mike and Harvard iLabs. Poin Dexter
david kolb
Greg, I really appreciate your candor. I am sure its not easy telling your story. I've been through the same thing you have.
i need to drive
can you put all this talk in spotify?
William James Rapp
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Cecilia De Rossi
Due to the type of work I do I had always wished for a tablet product that can be used for graphics away from the computer and had been very frustrated that with all the tech available, no one had created one yet. Eventually they started making them but they were far to expensive and did not work well. Wacom has always been my preferred product as they definitely have the best tablets but so expensive and with very bad customer service and distribution. A very frustrating company that seems far too laid back when they have an incredible product that could blow everything out of the water. I did not invest in any of their first mobile tablets as I felt that they were not providing enough disc space and memory as well as having overheating issues with otherwise an outstanding product and I felt it would be such a waste of money. I waited for them to address these issues but they did not until recently and I decided to eventually purchase their latest model, which is great yet again lacks in memory and space as well as being sooooo expensive. When the first IPad came out I was not at all interested in it as it was just a very expensive web browser. I could not understand why they did not use this for far better reasons. I had no intention of ever buying one unless they came out with an actual useful version. Then came the latest iPad came out and after much research I bought it the year prior to purchasing my Wacom Mobile Pro. Well I was extremely impressed. Far superior in many aspects to the Wacom when it comes to performance however lacking in other areas but still highly impressive. They really did a great job on this tablet. I am typing with it now. Excellent memory and space performance. I have only been having issues recently with typing and heating otherwise drawing apps and the apple pen have fantastic performance. It is totally useable for most artists including 3D and even the basic apps can do a lot. Yet they fall very short in the product attachments with small parts that have to be changed and swapped frequently and can be lost easily, problems with charging cables, bad case design that does not include storage for pens etc. Bad charging facility leaving the pen prone to damage and lost parts. I have so many ideas and ways of dealing with these things that are really simple and straight forward, yet they have not done anything about it which I find very disturbing when they can create such a great product.
Plans for the Creative Commons
I love how the Actuality bloke draws a distinction between "whether you're selling atoms and photons, or bits"
Plans for the Creative Commons
"Porn was never really on the list"

Translation: "It was on our internal list"
Interesting talk but couldn't find anything on the often mentioned web site...
Brad Suarez
mmmm lays potato chips.
God damn I wish I went to Harvard
The wolf
kudz Pakaipa
OMG this is Golden, i just graduated, and have 2 months before I launch my online platform. SLIPPERY and Minimum Repeatable business.
Maheshwari production
faltu bekkar
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