HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" YouTubers React To Ariana Grande 3 months ago   01:01

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Meet Katie and Tom; 666 News’ top anchors. Despite being the “go-to” station for all of Hell’s going-ons, they still can't seem to find an engineer who can use a green screen correctly. Or at least one who actually wants to make them look good.

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Spaghettios ohno
"Or should I say, *no dick?* "

"Not again..."

wait, so this is a common occurance?
XxEclipseForceAce xX
Called morning report

Katie says good afternoon...
Khalid Faisal
Kingpins sir pentious: How do you do fellow sinners?
Wake me up Inside
her waist is smaller than my future
Max Lai
Did you notice he said not again
Ya Crap
Me: Oh no! I dropped my chicken nugget!

My sister: 0:48
The only news channels you can trust is Hazbin Hotel news and Villager news.
Artflex Animates
*read the news caption*
Sprinkle Cake
*walks up to a tombstone* "Rest in Peace... Tom Trench's penis"
Coco Panda
How come no ones talking about the headlines at the bottom?
Безбашенный Лис
Where did Tom Trench get his hair cut? At the hairdresser’s called “Pretty Pashendale”? Open 19:17?
i m a f r e a k s o w h a t
"the point Is that my wife was a fucking bitch" well shit
i m a f r e a k s o w h a t
" i wrote it because it seemed like the Natural kind of pun to make for this Situation, but now that i see ot in text i feel like it was a mistake " alright m8
Rubik Ingot
Pyro can speak? OMG
Idiot Waluigi
Did he say “not again”

*Tom are you okay??*
I'm honestly laughing harder at the ticker text than the actual scene.
Jiromi Corona
0:28 - 0:37 and 0:49 - 0:50 was when it got good! 😂
The Gaming Kirby
Did it just click to me that Tom Trench is a reference to World War I
Gia Princess
0:48 me when my friend gets hurt
That was a good burn on Tom XD
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YouTubers React To Ariana Grande HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" 3 months ago   12:22

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YouTubers React To Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Music Video & Easter Eggs)