Does Kirchhoff's Law Hold? Disagreeing Walter Lewin demonstrates moment 4 months ago   13:21

This might be more of a lesson on proper probing than anything! There would be much less confusion if you have reliable results.

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Dr. Walter Lewin’s videos on Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law:

By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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Roach DoggJR
Why do I watch this? I understand nothing.
Ravikumar G
You changed circuit at 8:47
And check definition of KVL.
Chris H
Dam dude you are freakin me out.
Or is this just bad weed. SHIT
Kevin Player
Maybe Maxwell's equations are wrong? Suppose you take the electron's point of view. In the electron's frame it is stationary, so no magnetic fields can affect it. In place of the magnetic field, you find special relativistic effects, that change charge distributions, and provide electric fields with force equivalent to the magnetic force in the original frame. In this way, Maxwell's equations are incomplete. The correct formulation actually requires special relativity. These thought experiments are one of the things that led Einstein. I first saw this amazing way of looking at magnetic fields in my father's EM books. I wish they would teach it and many other cool physics topics earlier.
Snoopen dk
Do you know u=Rxi? Dumbass. Its to different Ohms and its made in serie. Then the volt is different over each ohm
Mahdi Rezai
Salam Mehdi I love your videos informative and funny even though I am not an electrician so I have no idea what you're talking about but I like the comedy.
hamid saffari
ایول مهدی، بچه کجایی انقدر شجایی؟
Great video. It really bums me out that Lewin had to respond to legit questions with ad hominem.
With great knowledge comes great ignorance. You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. The argument of Ignorance is a common thing for people with no knowledge and for people with a hughe expertise. You Electroboom are right in the middle, you are humble enough to be proven wrong. The Professor does not seem to be that anymore.
Im taking electronics engineering and i got so lost on on the math
Johannes Riecke
Actually, you're both wrong. In the presence of a changing magnetic field (that generates a significant electrical field), the very concept of having a defined voltage between to points breaks down, as it (as well as any method to actually measure it) relies on the path integral of the electrical field between the points being independent of the path, which is clearly no longer the case. As a result, there's no meaningful way to apply Kirchoff's law, because the concept it relies on, cannot be applied any more.
Buzz The Coder
So chimpanzees have become electrical engineers nowerdays....nice
ak assasin
I have no idea wtf you are talking about. But I have seen you electrocute yourself hundreds of times. And I will stand behind you until the end. Electroboom fans unite✊
Hmm. Although I do understand the number of comments he may receive on the matter, His reply in the youtube comment seemed pretty condescending.
Spencer Branting
Ok, I'm coming at this from a mechanical/hydraulic engineering background please bear with me. Is Kirchoff's Law dependent solely on the physical location of the resistors/loads in the circuit? That's what I was hearing in the video. Thanks for this great description of Kirchoff's Law.
Xy-BeatZ Hip Hop Instrumentals
why are you not beeing electrified...
Anwar Shiekh
Nicely argued; Kirchhoff stays true and two points have a unique voltage difference.
PL Help
There cant be any voltage induced across superconductor . In the video you never proved for any circuit that summation of voltage all over the loop is zero .
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Walter Lewin demonstrates moment Does Kirchhoff's Law Hold? Disagreeing 4 months ago   13:58

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