Robert De Niro | Robert De Niro’s Inside John Legend and Chrissy 1 day ago   02:22

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Robert De Niro | Robert De Niro’s House Tour-2019(Inside & Outside).

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Inside John Legend and Chrissy Robert De Niro | Robert De Niro’s 1 day ago   03:35

In this episode of Celebrity Homes, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen show their New York City apartment, which features:

-- A Donald Sultan painting in the living area, a framed Polly Borland tapestry hangs on the wall; the dark leather armchairs are vintage Arne Norell designs from Emmerson Troop, the bronze side tables are by Stephanie Odegard Collection, and the carpet is by Doris Leslie Blau.

-- In the dining area, a mixed-media work by Mike Weber, a bronze bureau by BDDW, and an Aldo Bakker sculpture. Beneath a light fixture by Ochre, Ted Muehling candlesticks from BDDW cluster on a table from Lucca Antiques.

-- Pendant lights by Early Electrics in the kitchen, cabinetry designed by Don Stewart, a custom-made backsplash by Mosaic Sphere Studio; cooktop is by Bertazzoni, stools are by Anna Karlin from Atelier Courbet.

-- Master bath features travertine walls and a black limestone herringbone floor, outfitted with a Jacques Garcia mirror by Baker, tub and fittings by Waterworks, taboret by Paul Mathieu for Stephanie Odegard Collection.

-- A 19th-century gilded-leather screen from Dmitriy and Co. spans one of the bedroom walls; 1970s chandelier is from Lucca Antiques, bed is from Siglo Moderno, table lamps are by Kriest, green silk coverlet is by Frette, carpet is from Doris Leslie Blau.

We wanted a place that was, you know,
much more just homey and had more soul to it.
When we were looking around town,
we stumbled upon this place.
And it's in a neighborhood that we really love,
and we just felt like this was a great place
for us to move in to.
This apartment just kind of embodies
everything that I love.
Obviously I love dark and rustic
but still very clean and very chic.
It just feels like our place in LA as well but in New York.
So we worked with Don Stewart again on this house.
He designed our house in LA as well.
And we love working with Don.
We duplicated this wooden wall behind us
and put it in the bedroom as well
because originally it was just a clean white bedroom.
We built a whole new bathroom,
and got rid of another massive bathroom
that was on the other side of the apartment.
Oh yeah, I made the big bath,
it's now John's closet so he has to walk
from the shower back to his, but it's a big closet
though so you are very lucky there.
This is my favorite.
No, I love it, I love seeing it when I walk in.
It adds a little whimsical vibe.
And our dogs are in love, especially Putty.
Putty makes love to it on often occasion.
Oh my goodness, wow.
I think the best things about this apartment is
this beautiful unique kitchen.
In the original version of this apartment,
didn't really fit this aesthetic as well.
Yeah, it was too modern.
It was too clean, it was white.
It just didn't feel like it fit
everything else that was happening.
So we made it fit and Don designed
this amazing set of cabinets.
And that's one of the best things about this apartment,
just this beautiful unique kitchen.
For me the kitchen is really important.
It's the first thing I think about
when we find a beautiful apartment like this.
It's a place I'm going to be most of the time.
I want it to be perfect for me.
So Don did a wonderful job designing it.
Obviously we love an open space.
I'm a big TV fan.
I want to be able to cook, drink wine,
watch TV at the same time.
So we made sure it was nice and open.
This island is just gorgeous and I love the bar stools
and of course the backsplash is gorgeous too.
She makes pretty much everything well.
She's really good at everything savory.
I think I'm kind of notorious for cooking
really low and slow meals.
I love things that take four or five hours.
We had to have two ovens.
That all had to do with the holidays.
For Thanksgiving we had over people
and I made side dishes.
Yeah, so we needed multiple ovens.
We needed a lot of...
It's actually illegal I think
for us to have this much power usage
with these two ovens.
We live on the edge.
We live on the edge, we're crazy.
But I think we're violating some kind of code.
I'm the sous-chef, I do chopping.
And taking out the trash.
Every once in a while though he does want to cook for me,
but it's hard for me to just sit on the couch.
She won't watch me, she won't let me just cook.
It's frustrating to watch.
I can make a mean fried chicken though.
Yes, he's in charge of the fried chicken
and the macaroni and cheese.
Those are his specialties.

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