5'7 Jalen Collins SHOOTS 3 POINT Lamelo Ball First Game 5 months ago   02:39

Jalen Collins is a 5'7 freshman guard from Houston who showed off his handles and vision at the 2018 MSHTV Camp. The Class of 2022 prospect was a great three point shooter, broke defenders down off the dribble, and showed great court vision. Collins has made big strides in his game over the last year and will surely continue to improve as a result of his work ethic and passion for the game.


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Lamelo Ball First Game 5'7 Jalen Collins SHOOTS 3 POINT 5 months ago   22:56

Lamelo Ball played his first game in Ohio this morning, going head to head with Toledo Rogers in a 9 AM scrimmage that attracted so many fans it was forced to shut school doors, leaving many fans out in the cold.