Global Warming threatens reindeers 2018 G20 Summit: What happened 2 days ago   02:59

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Climate change is not only affecting humans - wildlife is also at risk. An increasing number of relatively warm winters north of the Arctic Circle is making life difficult for reindeer there.

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e r
Making money from fear is just immoral and scientist and politicians investing in "green companies" are enhancing that fear to keep money flowing in their pockets...Moon affects the tides, sun the magnetic field, natural events like volcanoes, including underwater, fires, Earth rotates on its axis, closer to sun, then further simple word, it's just "weather".
robert petty
This isn't the first time people thought they could control the climate. In earlier we would toss a few virgins in the volcano to fix the weather. Are you so sure we are any smarter now?
Lord 80
Human made global warming is a hoax
Charles Gray
Oh those poor Norwegians. So Sad 😭
Lisa Rosso
Emilio Fernandez
I really think this climate it's OK, people just want FREE MONEY and they make a lot of excuses just to get MONEY......
Michael Cline
How is Santa going to deliver his presents without reindeer? BOO HOO!
Global warming’s real prove me wrong.
Ronaldo Roda
Bolsonaro is coming next month boiiiissss...
James Driscoll
It does! No it doesn't! My science is truthier than your science! No! Mine is!

Big Carbon vs. the Scheming Scientists. (sounds like a bad movie).

Take _some_ responsibility! Sheesh!
Vile Crocodile
Probably an improvement to that frozen wasteland
🎶🎵this is the end of the world as we know it🎶🎵
Roderick Bennett
Global warming threatens emmits in Kernow, jit on boye.
Danny Shook
Informative videos, but I notice you delete many...
Trump: "Make America Venus Again!"...and the rest of the planet, too.
Riaz Ahmed
it’s real we all going to die less then 150 years but these bastards are just milking us for cash. There is nothing we can do about planet 🌏 getting hot 🥵 it’s too little too late.
Job is done ✅
Lies, Lies and more Lies!
Saba T
He could rent other grazing ground, like in nature, animals would just migrate. But since he is keeping them in one spot, they can't do that. He has to adopt and change his business or rent, or buy other place.
Fried Chicken Now
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2018 G20 Summit: What happened Global Warming threatens reindeers 2 days ago   05:07

The G20 summit in Buenos Aires is entering its second and final day. High on the agenda is the ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China. Other topics include the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, and heightened tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

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