Tricking My Brother Into Thinking TELLING OUR CRAZIEST FAN STORIES 1 week ago   31:18

Dolan Twins
I was displeased with my brother Grayson for not appreciating the vehicle that I got him.... so I scared tf outta him


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Olivia V
they should do a video in the warehouse!!!
A prank inside of a prank inside of a prank.. Prankception
Destiny Deaton
😂very good prank lol
Gamer king
Where is the new video it’s Tuesday 😂
Devshri .p
I was panicking the whole time gray was upset whilst driving.
Silvia Penaloza
Ethan = Pranks Grayson
Grayson = Pranks Ethan
JustAnotherCameron CM
Honestly I feel like that wasn't just anger from the prank, it felt like Gray had already been stressed out and I felt bad I want light, happy Gray
Isabella Lowe
Ethan they saying your looking for is either "appreciate what u have before it gone" or " don't take stuff for granted" ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻💜💜💜💜
Grayson Dolan
22.52 Ethan’s voice when he said
“Bro he was from the company”- Ethan Dolan 2019
aryanna sadie
bro i finally have a chance to watch this video & ive never seen Gray look so scary before omfg 😂 i was lowkey scared for E lmao
I think the prank is over when your on the floor and your buttcrack is out. 16:32
Pruella Anderson
Haha loved this
Sunny!! Sunshine!!
when ru gonna meet Emma again ? don’t let my ship stink
Maddy Nielsen
Zach from try guys has binge watch your videooosss
Erin’s Place
I have been watching the Dolan twins for sooo long and I just got an account so I subscribed and turned on the bell 😀😀
Neus Llufriu
Ethans pranks r the best ones ngl
its cait
Mad Grayson is lowkey really sexy 😅🤪
Bryanna Harris
can anyone count how many times grayson said "that's not chill". LOL
Roy Jyvo
Y'all need a new photoshop Artist cause them pics look fake asf!🤣
Allegra Ndaya X
No one probably cares but their camera guy is Kyle and his instagram is Kylehouck😌
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TELLING OUR CRAZIEST FAN STORIES Tricking My Brother Into Thinking 1 week ago   09:16

We tell you about some of our craziest experiences with fans from Wild to Scandalous annnnnnnnnndd yep thats pretty much it.


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