Fethullah Gulen explained 🇮🇱 🇵🇸 Israel to deduct 4 months ago   06:57

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Fethullah Gulen laid the groundwork for an organisation called Hizmet or Service in the 1970s. His religious credentials gained him a strong and loyal following around the world which he later exploited for his own agenda. In the 1990s he went into self-imposed exile from Turkey and has been living in Pennsylvania in the US ever since. Turkey has accused him of being the mastermind behind the 15 July 2016 failed coup attempt.

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Jacob Zack
This guy was clearly a Zionist in disguise and instructed by Mossad and Freemasons.
Jacob Zack
This guy was clearly a Zionist in disguise and instructed by Mossad and Freemasons.
Mr Reza
Turkey already send back Brunson to US. Now is the time US send Gulen back to Turkey
Lyric Ram Angge
Israel>>>US>>>FETHULLAH GULEN, Simple math
Blitz Kreig
I live in Pennsylvania and I can take care of him for you Turkey if you need me too. Your end of the deal is when I run into your embassy for protection you must extradite me to Istanbul under the protection of the Turkish Intelligence Services.
Voice of Heart
I don't care with any BS from west about Turkey. My God keep ppl of Turkey safe, strong and united. Support from your Indonesian brother!
murtaza hassan
OMG 😱 was this man trying to pronounce himself as the Jewish messiah... He might be a brother of Ariel Sharon. Both have long nose and similar facial features. Both have a terrorist mindset and same ambitions as well.
Turks are paranoid idiots
Marc Weisi
This is complete bullspit. Straight propaganda homie.
I was a child and I know them as a threat for our country. Erdogan understood in 2013. What a joke. Every Kemalist Turks warn them but they work with them untill 2013. Erdogan finally understood and destroyed them. It's good for our country. Turkey survives once again. haha
Brendan Alimony
I honestly have never heard of this man and his movement until the coup attempt. I doubt Gulenist movement is big like this video is saying.
Stichting NoFap
Vano Sasuntsi
Hizmet fuckmet is a islamic radical group spreading their isdelology around the world
They must be erdaicated from all Western nations
Yeah right Erdogans favorite channel is doing a story on Gulen.
priyanshu mishra
Turkey most wanted ? Or Erdogan's most wanted ?
Smells like a yahoodi rat
syed ahmed zakir
this is a lie. army people look weaklings like trainees and citizens are facing tanks with bare hand how illogical. its political and planned but why and who did it.
Thomas Jefferson
If Turks really believe this to be true, I can understand why they want him in prison. But I don't believe it. His organization is known to educate a lot of Americans who get great jobs in the government and the military. Its also a religious organization, so many Americans and students have converted to Islam under his leadership. I myself, don't believe in any God. But anyone who does and is peaceful is most welcome. He is building our country as an immigrant, I can respect that.
Richard Dekker
Its all a big lie.
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🇮🇱 🇵🇸 Israel to deduct Fethullah Gulen explained 4 months ago   02:25

The Israeli government has been given the green light to deduct approximately $300m a year from the budget of the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli politicians passed a law allowing the money to be taken from taxes and tariffs that the Israeli government collects on the Authority's behalf.

Israeli politicians say the Palestinian leadership paid $350m last year to Palestinian prisoners jailed for attacking Israeli security forces, and their families.

Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett reports from the Occupied West Bank.

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