Fethullah Gulen explained Why the world is worried about Turkey 2 days ago   06:57

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Fethullah Gulen laid the groundwork for an organisation called Hizmet or Service in the 1970s. His religious credentials gained him a strong and loyal following around the world which he later exploited for his own agenda. In the 1990s he went into self-imposed exile from Turkey and has been living in Pennsylvania in the US ever since. Turkey has accused him of being the mastermind behind the 15 July 2016 failed coup attempt.

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Denis Harusi
Feullah great guy and very moderate
brümmbär Orkun
You cannot organized in western countries..even if you are so called religious organization its almost impossible..they just let you do if you can controlled by them..so this is controlled by c.i.a..this is the biggest proof that who has eyes to see.
Biz size 1990dan beri anlatmaya calisiyoruz bu fetullahin ne mal oldugunu. "Hocaefendi" diyordunuz hepiniz. "Turkiye'nin bir degeridir" diyordu adalet bakani. Cumhurbaskani "ne istedilerde vermedim" diyordu. Simdi "Feto" oldu oyle mi? Jeton yeni dustu galiba. Olan 250 vatandasimiza oldu. Simdi de boyle anlamsiz videolar yapiyorsunuz benim odedigim vergiyle. Dunyaya anlatacaksiniz Fetullah Guleni, ha? Olm, 4 sene once aranizdan su sizmiyordu. Bi onu anlatin hele? Ayakkabi kutusundan dolar cikinca nasil papaz oldugunuzu anlatin. Sizin de gulenin de dininiz, imaniniz, Allahiniz para. Memleketi yabanci firmalara peskes cekiyorsunuz hala "yerli ve milli" diyerek hem de. Gecilmeyen kopru 100 lira, kullanilmayan hava alani 200 lira adam basi. Daha da kanal istanbul yapacak ki, bize comak soktugunu soyledigi dis gucler oranin finansmanindan da gecis garantisi alsin. yeter ki bastakinin cebine rusvet girsin. hey Allah'im, bu iktidar beni kendi ulkemde yasayamaz hale getirdi, sen de hem bu iktidari da buyutup guclendirdigi guleni de bildigin gibi yap.
Abraham Realrock
No words, just all lie. Mr. Gulen is obviously opposite of what ever alleged defamation in the video. He is the one of the most important and standout scholar in the world. Corrupted political figures in Turkey feel them self uncomfortable in defraudation about public money because Mr Gulen raised up a Golden Generation for 40 years with ability to criticize wrong goings on.
ismail ozcan
How you can expect to a channel that controlled by Erdogan will tell the truth since Mr. Gulen already called for an international committee to investigate who is really behind to coupe while Erdogan government rejected. Which government stand against an investigation of a coupe done to undermine itself. They even voted against of investigation in Turkish Parliament. So ask yourself WHY???????? you can find easily the answer.
Aaron Pitts
red rose
FETO is a Zionist CIA puppet.
Gulen needs no less than but capital punishment.
Meryem Eray
Nasir Ahmad
Erdogan backed media which was actually terrorists of Turkey not Gulen.
aysenur kalabak
BIASED VIDEO. No respect at all. Why does Turkey afraid of good people. You deserve Erdogan Turkey! Way to go.
Griffin Kristal
I bet there will be a lot of Armenian Genocide deniers in the comment section. XD
Griffin Kristal
This can't be trustworthy...
Kitty Genovese
Kind of like the despite between Stalin and Trotsky. You wish both were died. How the he!! did this clown get in the USA? Another Blind Sheik .
prince royal
he's a mastermind.. what a plan... Very dangerous old man😟😟
Load of BS !
Avraham Yeuda
John Doe
Our Leader Erdogan has done well in arresting every one of these parasites! May Allah expose and destroy these traitor euro puppet terrorist gulen filth. Oh and ataturk is a puppet traitor dog.
John Doe
terrorist traitor dog, following the dog ataturk. May The Lord of Jesus Christ, expose and destroy the munafiqun and kuffar who plan and plot against the believers.
Breky Brokes
Even your media controlling by government . I mean u don't have freedom . How We can believe u?
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Why the world is worried about Turkey Fethullah Gulen explained 2 days ago   07:36

How Turkey's president gained so much power.

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-- Erdogan as important to Turkey as Ataturk, and trying to shape it in his own image as significantly as Ataturk did decades ago.
-- They’re at the opposite ends of the spectrum in their beliefs: Ataturk was a militant secularist, Erdogan a committed Islamist
-- Erdogan’s rise shows arc of Turkish history, from democracy to an ever more theocratic authoritarian state
-- This all matters because a more religious version of Vladimir Putin is now at the helm of the biggest, richest and most militarily powerful US ally in the region.

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