Make the MacBook THICC Again The Problem with a 5G Phone 2 weeks ago   05:02

Dave Lee
MacBook Pro reviews show problems from being too thin. The 16" MacBook Pro will hopefully fix some of this stuff.
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Dave Lee
I hope Apple puts out a THICCBook Pro this year. The race for ultra-thin needs to end
Danny DiMercurio
Allow us to open these things again to make RAM and drive upgrades easier. Same with the iMac. And the "trash can" is exactly what the name implies. The Mac Pro should have remained a tower.
Joseph Brown
BOYCOTT APPLE!! dont buy their shit!!
Annie Gaignard
Hi Dave, I want to buy a MacBook Pro 13" with 256Go SSD for 2400$ but with all the issue and it's steep price... I want to have your opinion on a similar PC version that can last me 6+ years !! We'd like to edit audio and maybe video later on at a prosumer level!
EJ Kim
Function over form.
Making things thin at the expense of all else? Yup. That's Apple. Been doing that nonsense for years ("Bendgate" for instance) and people still buying the junk. Can't fix stupid.
The Johnny O Show
still running my 2013MBP (but of course it was their top end model at the time, so still quite powerful) but i have no need to upgrade and do not want to until it breaks as everything they have produced since is just stupid. I agree, no need to go any thinner, is that not what the macbook air is for? why are they trying to make MBP so thin.
I agree
Calvin Laudrensio
Still loving my T H I C C 2011 Macbook Pro, still working like a charm.
Apple going to miss the boat AGAIN by not bringing the 17" back and instead go for an only incrementally bigger 16". So annoying... Meanwhile, Microsoft is coming out with some pretty impressive laptop/tablet combos, becoming attractive to creative pros.
servoss21 sig
Was unsub’d w/o my knowledge. Way to go to yt
Tuuli Senja
The Macbook Air is super thin at the wrist end of things, but gets thicker toward the rear. They should do the same with the MBP:s too.
Nah, fuck Apple.
they should provide a working laptop for that price the fuck kinda diskussion is this
🙋‍♂️I totally agree with you 🙋‍♂️
still rocking a fully specced mid 2014
Keven Harvey
I'd rather have something cool, quiet, good performance, with a big battery and a good keyboard than have something thin. Sure, make it as thin as you can without sacrificing on the others, but making sacrifices for the sake of thinness is not worth it IMO.
I agree. I think the current MacBook Pro is not a model for professionals. It's 'macbook' pro. Not macbook 'pro'.
I don't know, why Apple thinks the MacBook Pro needs to be so thin. They have other models for casual users, which are thin and can be thin. Pro users like me want to be able to add ram and hard drives. We hate throttling CPUs and dying GPUs because of overheating. We make use of ports and card readers. We want to able to change the battery, when it's getting weak. For me, Apple screwed up their MacBook Pro series beginning with the Retina Models, where they started gluing the batteries to the case. My 2011 MBP was okay for some years, but got the GPU issues. I switched to a ThinkPad P52. Windows 10 is stupid, but the hardware is way better. I have up to three hard drives and can even hot swap the battery. - Let's see what they'll announce today. - Not having any expectations, though.
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The Problem with a 5G Phone Make the MacBook THICC Again 2 weeks ago   05:08

The best 5G phone is still going to be limited by 5G infrastructure in 2019. The cheapest 5G phone will still be very expensive compared to a 4G enabled version. Is 5G even worth it in 2019??

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