Film Theory: The Secret to FUSING Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! 4 months ago   16:24

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Alone in the world is this little CatDog, at least for now. I love Nickelodeon's classic cartoons, but I've always wanted to figure out one thing: What is a "catdog?" Better yet, can a "catdog" really exist? Today Theorists, we are diving into the world of NickToons to figure this out!

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Rapunzel's Hair is KILLING Itself! ►
Elsa's TRUE Fight For The Throne! ►►
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Bobbo The Rosso
Why...why do I need to know this...
Rational part of me: Cos Film Theory made a vid on it
Pearl McKenzie
I loved this show. I'm only 14 but as a kid, they would play these shows on channel 2 in New Zealand.
Just Me
Isn’t Winslow a rat?
Ayan Abdulahi
Rip my knowledge on animals 🤭🤔
Kaylee Smith
Hi I'm one of those who don't wanna see
B Milani
Hi everyone
Maurice Williams
I live this intro
it sucks
King Frank Records
good story
*_U¡kitty animates_*
In the art dogs are easy.they have a name...KITTYDOGS

Its just a joke let me live
Renee Tibus
Llama Dork
I would love MatPat to be my science teacher :3
Star_Drop {.:.}
What tf is “NickToons”? Hook me up with that Nickaloadian
Alexandra Dordzhieva
I knew what ligers and mules were
Gracie Love It
MatPat clearly needs to meet my dog cause he don’t bark at anything aside from cats! Also my family and I joke around and say he’s half dog half cat... he’s a weird dog
Jurassic Info
Spider goat spider goat
wars the butt so if it was a thing it would still die
making a catdog is fun, but what about making an updog?

oh sorry i mean an unoriginal joke
I couldn’t imagine cloning my dog. Cloning my dog would be like cloning my sister.
Dylan Lemley
Intro about dogs me ARGERY
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Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! Film Theory: The Secret to FUSING 4 months ago   17:00

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Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret... Literally ►
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Step aside bob omb. Keep on flying Bullet Bill. There is a new weapon causing damage in the mushroom kingdom, and this one is fuzzy, round, and squishy. One of Mario Tennis Aces coolest features is allowing you to break a players racket. But just how fast would you have to hit the ball in order to do so? And what other consequences would arise from that much force? Well that is what we're about to find out.

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