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12 Most Amazing Cars Found | The Pawn Stars Were Forced - At Up-Tube.com

12 Most Amazing Cars Found The Pawn Stars Were FORCED 4 months ago   14:48

Amazing Stock
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Of all the possessions that people take pride in, cars have to be considered close to the top of the list. Some people are even accused of loving their cars more than they love their partners! With that in mind, if you owned a truly unique or unusual vehicle, why would you leave it locked away from the world for years, or abandoned in an unusual place? That was the fate that befell the incredible cars you’ll see in this video!

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chumley warner
Its pronounced Dame ler !!
Rick Pickell
The Timms at is sleek and sexy.
UngeLover 1410
I'm owning a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster that was abandonned by one of my best friends. I bought it for just 15000$ from him in a very good condition and i absolutely love it
Mistake: in the UK they don't drive on the right side of the road, it's the other way: they frive on the left side of the road. Their driving wheel is on the eoght side of the car though.
Danielle Dykgraaf
Freebird....Nearly choked on my beer....Holy hell
ian flanagan
now I know where Tesla pickup got the idea, Aston Martin bulldog
Ross Hemmings
Those "62 Caddy fins" look more like 59 fins.
Shaun Elliott
I'm amazed at a "Scrap Yard" anywhere employing a "Blind man".
Shaun Elliott
Hi, it's pronounced Dame per, also known as the Dart. As for the best, not even close, that would be the TR4, TR4A or TR6. Heh and it's Milay Milia,
In Britain as in a number of countries, we drive on the Left hand side of the road 😯 . Our steering wheel is fitted on the RHS of the car. Please fix your narrative!
Gaming With Zander
Me - here's kkk at 9:29 in the video

My brain- aw shit here we go again
elijah pink
Every FUCKING time u get ur basics wrong ! In England we DO NOT drive on the right side of the road -we are one of the few who drive ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD ..the steering wheel may be on the right but we drive in the left..,,ur channel gets so many basics wrong EVERY fu king time !!
kevin jespersen
Dude, im really into planes but this is just a bunch of boulder sand! like these cars are from the fudging 19's!
Eddy Wiggins
Land Rover never made a snow track, though there were some aftermarket conversions by Cuthbertsons . The vehicle with the center raised peak bonnet in red is actual a Snow-Trac ST4 made in Sweden by Aktiv Fischer in 1957 to 1981 and this was what Salvage Squad rebuilt. The reason why it was found in Scotland was because the sole UK importer from Sweden was in Scotland and I think it was less than 3000 were built. In the 1972 Winter Olympics, the competitors were ferried around to the various games stadiums in these.
Gav Woodruff
No we don't drive on the right in England. We are on the left the steering wheel is on the right. Plus we can have the steering wheel on either side .
big boi dan
My dad loves his fucking Ferrari more than he loves me at times
Sharron Clark
This video sucks! Do waiste time watching it!
Angel Saltamontes
A Pontiac "Freebird" (13:00)? VOICE-SYNTH is SUCH A BLIGHT on this rusting, abandoned world.
Lofts Sympatico
Wow, how could such precision in diction be SO Wrong in fact? At 6:26- saying England drives on the right hand side of the road. Methinks the narrator mis-read his script- or misconcluded- it probably said:
"in England, cars are right-hand drive" which is correct, just as in N. America, we all drive left-hand drive cars,
of course on the right side of the road.
Razzors Edge
to bad they didnt have a decent picture of the java , one with the whole car not just close ups
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The Pawn Stars Were FORCED 12 Most Amazing Cars Found 4 months ago   10:03

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