#WelcomeToStanford How to Get Accepted by Stanford and Ivy League Universities 4 months ago   02:40

During New Student Orientation, incoming freshmen and transfer students dive into the academic, social and cultural life of Stanford.


Special thanks to Harry Elam, Deborah Golder, Michael Tubbs, '12, MA '12, Kate Mayer, Christopher Vassos and Dustin Fink.

Executive Producers: Brad Hayward, '92, John Stafford, MA '06
Director of Photography: Aaron Kehoe
Producer: Julia James, '06, MA '11
Associate Producer: Kylie Gordon, '02
Aerial Cinematography: Romeo Durscher, Mark Johnson
Cinematography: Aaron Kehoe, Ian Terpin
Color: Kurt Hickman
Edited by: Aaron Kehoe, Julia James
Music: "Full Moon Instrumental" by Peter Bradley Adams

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Lu Xiao
Who don't wanna go to such a good university. Sad...
CarloS Lopez
Got rejected but good luck to all those applying for the next school year!
Class of 2019, applying for PhD linguistics at Stanford. Wish me good luck.
Isabelle Guerineu
go bears
Lu Xiao
such videos always make me want to cry
_WirlessLabberry25 SA
Lahiru Rajapaksha
Beautiful ❤️ #lovestnford
Mohmmad agbaria
That's so painfull especially aftef getting outright rejection by stanford,why stanford why??😢😢
Ben Figone
I have a 2.0 GPA, wish me luck!
Angela Greene
1. Stanford U is #1 in USA 🇺🇸 AMERICA ACADEMIC TEXTBOOK EXCELLENT STANFORD U ENROLLED STUDENTS & FACULTY: Engineering + Business MBA + Science + Law JD + Medical MD + Hospital + Sports Athletic Program

2. NOT THE 126 year old Building

3. NOT the Restaurants

4. NOT the Shopping Mall
Ini Ade
Stanford is the goal. Future Cardinal Class of 2023
Lime Studio
I’m a freshman and attending to Stanford!
priyanshu anand
Awsome campus
*Dream university 😍*
Camila Almeida
my dream is standford
Ronald Garcia Δ
Stanford Is My Dream 2018
My first name My last name
I’m in my first year of middle school and I already have the desire to come to this very enriching and amazing school.
Ali Miri
استنفورد عالی!!
Amazing Stanford!!!
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How to Get Accepted by Stanford and Ivy League Universities #WelcomeToStanford 4 months ago   36:58

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