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We Bought A Stolen Car!!! | My Mercedes Ml55 Was Stolen By A Really - At Up-Tube.com

We Bought A Stolen Car!!! My Mercedes ML55 was STOLEN by a Really 1 year ago   13:04

I never thought that I would buy this vehicle. However its going to be an awesome build. We have all of the paperwork and this one is totally legal. Stay tuned as we transform this vandalized vehicle into a nice daily driver.

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Ghazi Tahch
Who is in 2019 watching this video
Desiire Esports
Please let this be the build where you paint it a new not factory colour . Upgrade and make look amazing
New clutch transmission and transfer case
Morad Samy
What are you doing with the parts lambo ?
Emir hasan Arslan
Pls put lamborghini engine on it
goog le
I was just going back and revisiting the old days when this was all new and before Almost OEM was famous - NA, just kiddin' I actually hadn't watch the Jeep build yet. Good video though. Seen all the newer stuff.
Aaron Merjil
Highkeh they toke fat
moe raw
So in this case vandalism car, theft recovery what’s the title of the vehicle now ?
Tom Watkins
Y'all by far my favorite channel, i can never get enough of your guys videos, watch replay repeat
Gunnar Jada
You guys do great work!
Case 275
After watching some of your newer videos, you guys have come a long way in the quality of your videos!
Lucas Diego
The little thing found is an emerald, looks very precious.
plastidip is fucking cancer
Andrew Przygocki
I want it!
Charles Fella
ALWAYS wear gloves going through the car for the first time. Could be some used needles under the seat....also, that is a keyboard...not a typewriter.
SJ Corona
Dirty hands make many money
T Money
Could be the slave or master cylinder
Jessy Clark
You guys are legit giving me inspiration to take on my Subaru build again. Thank you
Just Kaden
Wait but weeds not a drug where I am
Steven Goodnight
Rino lining all over it would be cool
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My Mercedes ML55 was STOLEN by a Really We Bought A Stolen Car!!! 1 year ago   17:16

News story was on 5/13/17. Not sure what I was thinking...

Read more about how I went to extreme lengths to get my Mercedes back in my Autotrader.com/Oversteer article here: http://www.autotrader.com/car-video/my-mercedes-ml55-was-stolen-by-a-really-stupid-thief-265673