2004 Funai 250 LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman 2 months ago   3:11:07

Classic NBS racing under the night lights of Richmond.

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Chad Hackett
1 of 199... soon to be 200
What was with Jamie McMurray stealing rides in 2004?... He stole Johnny Benson's Busch ride in this race & then later that year, he stole Andy Houston's truck ride... & both right before Richmond races I went to!

At least in Johnny's case it turned out to be for the best for him...
Dustin Lewis
2:18:15-2:18:46 = Dale Earnhardt Jr. is so funny! LOL!!! XDDDDD
Chris Kreager
Kyle Busch wins his first Busch Series race. Let's see how many more of these he wins...
J.J. Lately.....
Cyka Blyatman
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LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman 2004 Funai 250 2 months ago   09:11

LaMelo Ball vs. Julian Newman was a MOVIE. Spire took a big dub 117-80, and LaMelo dropped 14-10-12 plus five steals. The whole Downey Christian team had 12 assists... Julian played solid and had a cool 15, but Spire was too nice with it. Rocket Watts did his thing (19 pts) and Isaiah Jackson was catching oops. Will either or both of these guys make the league?? Let us know in the comments.