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It turns out there are still business owners out there that value principles over profits these days. Nike’s new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick as the new face of their branded slogan: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” has received tremendous blowback. Now, schools and business owners are beginning to speak out and take a stand.

Take for instance a sporting goods store in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Prime Time Sports has decided to slash the prices on all of its Nike merchandise in response to the brand’s new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. Good for them.

The store has placed a large sign in their storefront that says, “Still choosing to stand,” “All Nike 1/2 price,” and “Just doing it.’” I like it. The store is located in Chapel Hills Mall and I’m sure this is getting a lot of attention there.

This is what making a principled stand looks like folks. The store owner put his sense of rightness ahead of profit and is doing this regardless of the cost. You have to admire that.

This is an incredible stand to proactively take against Nike and Kaepernick. I’m sure this caught Nike off guard, especially since the action went viral. And they aren’t the only ones taking a stand either.

The store’s owner, Stephen Martin, has owned and operated this store for two decades. He’s well aware that this could kill his business. Dumping all of his Nike inventory at half price could take him under. But he doesn’t care and is standing strong in his convictions. He has called Nike “the mother of all harlots.”

“I’m a Nike dealer, but I’m not supporting this,” Martin told KRDO-TV. “I gotta get rid of it.” That’s a guy with a spine and solid bedrock principles.

From TheBlaze:

“In addition to slashing the prices on his Nike gear — with intent to stop carrying Nike-branded products altogether — Martin wrote a letter to the company to protest its use of Kaepernick as the face for its 30th-anniversary campaign.

“According to me, he has sacrificed a salary,” Martin wrote in a note, which was posted on the storefront’s window. “Nothing compared to what every soul on our ‘Honor the Flag’ memorial wall that was built a few years ago has suffered and died for.”

“The note is surrounded by a memorial of photos of fallen U.S. service members and also reads, “This space reserved: for these people who have sacrificed for our flag and what it represents. We honor them.”

“The anthem, the flag, and this country means a lot to me, and I continue to state that I agree with Colin Kaepernick’s cause, but I just do not agree with his method of delivery,” Martin explained.

“I won’t sacrifice principle for profit,” he added.”

KOAA-TV is reporting that Martin spent about $60,000 on Nike-branded merchandise just three weeks ago. That was prior to the company launching its Kaepernick ad campaign.

Martin said that he refuses to sell Nike gear until the company severs ties with Kaepernick. “I wish I was wealthy enough to burn all that stuff, but I’m not,” he added.

I think what he is doing is the right and brave thing here. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on Nike severing ties with Kaepernick. After an initial dip in stocks for Nike when they first announced their ad campaign, they are claiming their profits are up 31 percent in the last week.

I highly doubt that will trend and in the end, it’s my opinion that this will permanently hurt their brand. And they earned every bit of it.

If more sports outlets and fans would take a principled stand against Nike like Martin is and hurt them in their checkbook, they’d probably knock this crap off. But then again, they seem to be dedicated liberals who have found their social justice warrior in Black Lives Matter supporter Colin Kaepernick.

It’s nice to see someone take a stand for real heroes out there like our police officers, military veterans and first responders. I also have to admit it feels really good to see someone tell Nike to stuff it like this. These heroes put their lives on the line every day for all of us… no pair of tennis shoes or a logo is worse disrespecting them… ever.

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Dumb mf where your store if they half price I'm coming you dam fool
David Ferenbaugh
God bless America ! I do not care what about the NFL kaepenick nikey thinks I where work boots ! Don't make make the money he does butt I'm not surprest?
Either you are an American or not, Colin isn’t, and Nike is a anti American traitor
Whadaya Tinkin
I don’t like Nike, but that doesn’t hurt Nike. I’m sure that helped the store owner. He sold his inventory and still made money. Stores mark up the price over 50%. All he did was sell all of his merchandise. I’ve never owned Nothing Nike and never will. There are gullible ppl everywhere.
Hunter Gman
A note to Nike and all those who partake in social justice, the authoritarian virus will sooner kill you then help you. It only cares about spreading and nothing more.
Mike Gooden
Well we in the last days Jesus is coming back you will go to hell
Mike Gooden
Then again you all soft coward think you got it going on with the evil and you think you get your rock off just stop and think about it
Mike Gooden
The good on this side and the bad on that side the devil going to hell run and tell that
The only reason the orange bozo got involved in this is the vendetta he has against the NFL for not selling him a team in the 80’s. He could care less about the flag or this country. He was a coward that didn’t do a damn thing to protect that flag with his draft deferments using bone spurs as the excuse. They can keep their over priced shoes made in China!
Afrika Smith
I am a African American and Krapernickle does not speak for me because he is a hypocrite and a complete fool. He is better off leaving this country if he hates it so much even though he gets paid for playing football.
My Voice
Buy buy!! Out of business A/H
Gina Brown
They cut price in half so they are going to be selling more to teach who a lesson? Nike already got paid when the store ordered the merch!
Gina Brown
He sat on that bench for years and never had an issue with the anthem. I think his publicist told him to do this. He's not smart enough for his own thoughts!
If he's "gotta get rid of it" why not burn it and sell tickets to equally outraged former Nike customers to do the same?
Discounting and selling Nike products doesn't prevent the proliferation of shoes, shirts etc. that sport the Swoosh, rather it enables more to appear in the streets...
Jr Estrada
To be honest I really careless about Kaepernick. But I do think that nike should get rid of him because we as a country should respect our troops and value our freedom . Another thing I'm Hispanic and never have I had trouble with the police . The reason for that is because I'm not a thug or try to be one . Police man are great people who are here to protect us . Another thing I would love to add is what was nike thinking give this guy who honestly he was a sorry player not only that but a bad role model a contract. Well anyways you guys have a great night
Austin snake_diet_beast Rowden
Ya up 31 percent from were they dropped to which is still a loss not a profit
The Truth Hurts
The Nike swoosh is an Anti-American symbol. It is only normal this brand has to be removed from stores. It is not just selling shoes, but a message that those who gave their lives to serve, don't deserve the respect. You must stand for those who have fallen, because they can't stand with you. You should be tall and prod because that is the freedom they died for. To fall to your knees is surrender, that is an act of submission against freedom. You can't get more anti-American than that. It is as if Kaepernick has spit on the graves of our fallen heroes. Nike has endorsed that surrender. I don't know about you, but surrender in sports gear isn't a smart AD.
George Somera
Here in the Philippines, I am giving a new t-shirt with a CARABAO logo placed where nike's logo normally is located. This is for Filipinos that admire American Sports and are willing to trade a nike t-shirt for a one that depicts national loyalty here. Sorry penguins, ponies, and alligators, this is aimed at the un-American Nike. I just wish I could afford to do this world wide.
Izzie Kelly
You, my friends, will be on the wrong side of history and then in about 50 years from now (just as with Martin Luther King) you guys will talk about how you supported his cause.
Richard Coots
This move will likely benefit Nike, as the people protesting are not the idiots paying $300 for a shoe that cost $3 to manufacture. Their target market largely supports Kolin, they are simply going all in.
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