Asking Old Ladies to Help Me Open Want a Sandwitch? 12 months ago   11:22

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Vlog Creations
0:02 asking old ladies
2:02 making people move
5:50 getting in accident
6:56 acting like kid
8:50 telling people BigDawstv has 5mil subs
Spraynard Kruger
6:16 has to be the funniest part of the video haahhaah
That's it Cole you had an accident that doughnut money is coming out of your pay🤣🤣🤣
Oh hush man don't be such a baby 🤣🤣🤣
AnonymousMusic 2625
Asking old jars to open a lady for you
Juan Calcanat
You can tell he tried telling the guy to let him in. Dude was just trying to get some insurance money for bills I bet.
Joey Potato
This nigga drinking mineral water smh i had the exact same shit thinking it was gonna be delicious i was so wrong and i nearly shit myself puking up this grotesque drink
Armchair Warrior
Charles you legit play handicap perfect.
BrabusTunedSTI -
Some people are just straight up miserable and rude it genuinely pisses me off lmao. Ross if you see a UPS 54 footer in traffic come knock on the window bro
NPC #717901013974
I have a pet squirrel that's also wild so it's kind of weird
Roberto Valadas
the accident was so funny
Melody Spence
Oh hush
Guy: shakes his head
Ross: oh hush man
Kyle Davis
nice vid bro
DJ Dipstick
The dudes who pretended they thought it was cool that BigDawsTV had 5mil were so nice
Rowan Chatelain
5:18, when u said you were going to buy him a doughnut then take out money I was dying, bcuz one time my friend asked me and everyone who was there, if we wanted ice cream, and I said no, then he got me one anyway, the later asked me to pay him back. 😂 idk why these two instances made me laugh so hard but they did.
Secretly putting pockets on people's heads
aaron johnson
Cole is a good dude, and hilarious.
Diasani Rivera
I live an hour and 45 minutes from you
Sparky Robinson
Y'all hear about that guy putting old TVs on people's front porch the other day? I noticed they interviewed 3 guys about it and I swear to god Andrew was one them, hmmmm 🤔😁
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Want a Sandwitch? Asking Old Ladies to Help Me Open 12 months ago   14:12

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