How does Regenerative Braking Work? Introduction of Braking Techniques of Electrical 8 months ago   07:39

Today we look at how regenerative braking works for hybrid and electric cars.

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Ryan VanGelder
Potential/Kinetic energy basically....
Gill Skinner
We have a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. My husband and I disagree about how to use the regen to best effect. The default position is off, and we can use paddle controls to choose 5 different levels of regenerative braking (up to b5). Is it better to keep it on all the time, even on journeys that include motorways, or to use it to brake, then release it when accelerating again? I think that if it’s on all the time (eg on most used setting b3), each time you take your foot off the accelerator the car slows down more than it would normally, so more power is needed to return to normal speed. I tend to only use regen when needing to actually brake, then I release it. Which is better, please?
Barry Isaac
Grant Lauzon
Could you use a some form of high end radiator/water pump that only activates when excess power os generated?
Electric vehicles often have battery over heating problems under sustained sport use. Using regular battery power to power a powerful water pump could increase the battery temperature. If the pump is only used when excess electricity is available it might improve the endurance of a vehicle on a track.
dillon deonath
great. now explain regen for electromagnetic motors like induction type.
Curtis Guhl
all car and trucks need brake pads or they would not be able to stop from sliding esp. on ice.
Joe Patroni
Where does the wear and tear go? With disc brakes like you said, it creates friction/heat and pads/discs need replacing. Surely regen braking creates a wear somewhere...The coils?
Thanks man, saw this in my geography course, wanted to know more about it, so thanks for the help :)
Samuel Lakew
Thank you for the video but it is not a complete information. When we talk about regenerative power, we should talk about how that is possible? Now, a hybrid of Li-ion battery - Super cap hybrid storage system is becoming common and solve many problems in the EV industry. What we should do is when to use/charge the battery or the super cap or both. Here is the advantage of power electronics and high speed micro controllers made this possible. As PM motors (either PMSM/BLDC) get advanced with a more wide band gap switches can do a miracle....we can recover almost all the kinetic energy during deceleration. Braking time is not that a big problem compared to others but this solves the problem as well.
my RX450h has a manual mode in the shifter. i use it only when on a steep downhill to get more engine braking and do not use brakeing! My question is did this also produce more recuperation ? i think not because this is limited , right ?
Rory Witham
Loads of mistakes in this video....

I think the point you are trying to make is the making of the field with the rotation of the wheel, at speed there is power to regen however as you slow down the motor does not make the field and therefore done not offer any braking at all

And the Tesla problem is rather a simple g rate and t rate calculation for the application of brakes. The analogue would be to have a resistive controller with the brake pedal which would be equal to the collapse of the field with the designed brake force.
Robert Balejik
porsche 919 have AWD regenerative breaking right?
Efficiency is only 60% do they use super caps to save the energy fast then transfer back to batteries
lol i was going to mention twin motors for regeneration then right at the end you covered it
thank you
x- o
0:03 Reschenewrtf? No, it’s regenerative, when pronounced correctly.
azzam aji abizar
sory and i only wondering, why don't just use the tire rotation to converse kinetic to recharge instead of converting heat from the braking system? just wondering.
How exactly can you control the strength of braking?

I assume it is done by decreasing the input power, but I want to know for sure.

(If it was explained in this video I'd've missed it. If that's the case it would be nice if someone could give me the time stamp ^^ )
but you didnt explain how an electric car is able to apply such a strong breaking force with just regen. most electric cars today can stop with just regen action, where is the power dumped if the batteries cannot take it all at once ? how is it handled, i feel that the title of this video didnt explain HOW regen BREAKING is done fully... maybe a follow up video ?
Tuko Rodrigez
At 2:40.What the battery doing?
Matko Iveta
car motors dont have fuck*** magnets. We need experts
Matthew Duff
My understanding is that if you have a simple electric motor spinning it one way will spin the shaft forward (like moving the car forward). The load propels the shaft in that direction. But if you wanted to put the energy in the opposite direction wouldn’t the shaft need to be spinning in the opposite direction? But the Tesla is braking the shaft is still moving in the same direction as when the car is being propelled forward. What is my misunderstanding in how that works?
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Introduction of Braking Techniques of Electrical How does Regenerative Braking Work? 8 months ago   09:58

Braking Techniques of Electrical Motor.
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