WOW!!! Experiment: Chain Reaction MATCH Colors RACE! Which 2 days ago   02:42

Chain reaction diy helicopter from matches.
Experiment: What will happen to an Apache diy helicopter with matches in a chain reaction with matches?

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Татьяна Кулачок
Cool 👍👍👍
Olga Rymarchuk
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MATCH Colors RACE! Which WOW!!! Experiment: Chain Reaction 2 days ago   10:03

Which match Color has the BEST FIRE? I made a race for the most common match colors to find out. Every track contains exactly the same number of matches. Same shape.
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I used matches of various different colors to make a race experiment to find out which matchstick color has the best/fastest fire. This is fire art at it's best. Which one is the winner? Red, blue, green, brown or pink? Let's watch and find out!

This is not a how to video. Never do this at home. We are professionals.