LeBron James Shocks Lakers LeBron James Game Winner&Tyson 6 days ago   02:19

LeBron James Shocks Lakers Crowd After Taking Over In Final Minutes vs Spurs! Lakers vs Spurs December 5, 2018-19 NBA Season

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Bob shurunkil
these games seem fixed. the steal seemed like the guy passed it so james would get to it. I cant play, and not even I would have passed that ball. reminds me of the Derrick Rose plays where they were letting him waltz up the middle for easy layups without even trying to defend him. then the media calls him "lightning quick"
Im like "they didnt even try... they saw him coming and stood there, hands down... not even trying to run up to him.
Cristopher Gonzalez
He’s trash
Marcus Britt
Hope Laker's fans didn't forget about Kobe already. King James still got big shoes to fill in LA. Laker's breeds a lot of GOAT'S
Mohammad Conte
since when lebron learned how to shoot three's , that man is fire
Clarence Wilson
Lebrun James is now Michael Jordan jr I meant lebron
Bach Pregil
Kiki Odran
Lebron is lebron and he is the king . Lakers is on 🔥
Waheed Delonte
This is the real LeBron James when he 👦takes over
My God, as a Cavs fan, I miss this man so much. My favorite of all time. When he spotted up from 87 feet, his defender was like, he aint shooting that....right dead in his eye. I watched Michael all through his career, LBJ still my fave, plus brought us ring to the land. What a stud!
Dixon Doughty
Lbj be like no fucking way im losing to dsrozen
Bobby Barton
Kevin Durant is still way better than LeBron James
Justine Tibar
Its almost Christmas day you know what that means..........LA LAKERS VS GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS Yeah baby!!!!!
Chason Earls
He seem happier being on the lakers
Chi Nguyen
Lebron u still suck
Neal X
Does Adam Sandler just tell his barber to make his beard look perma-hobo?
Ricky T
Last bucket was definitely foul. C'mon ref! Where's the call?
Just Jack
I'll knock rondo the FUCK out UGLY ass STINK bug looking NIGGA!
Malcolm Morgan
It still ain't 50, 60, points like Kobe but good job Lebron you gotta make history playing with the Lakers.
Kameron Posley
Man fuck bron
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LeBron James Game Winner&Tyson LeBron James Shocks Lakers 6 days ago   02:54

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