Becoming a *PRO* Fortnite Player? COLLECT The TOILET PAPER *NEW* 1 week ago   17:59

Champion Division Fortnite Arena is very Epic
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Comments 6432 Comments

Bossbobbi 2008
How do u always get invgays with about 77 people at start is that what happens in arena
Nothing here
Why do you always drop pleasant
Baseball Bomber
I thought that was fresh in the beginning because he hit that shot and had no facecam and also he had the sushi master
Anastasia benesh
Uhhhhh chief radius killed you twice
TKOfloyd CD
How did you find fresh
TKOfloyd CD
How if you find fresh
AG_Diamond Terminator
Lochlyn should go in creative and play storm wars with some fans or some of his friends so he can be better at end game
Xero Shadow
you are always in storm xD
CayBoogie w4s H3R3
9:06 did anyone else think he said “ballcano”?
Tazer Lazer
How often do u look at the back of your head? 😂
MoXAX _Bio
4:42 not sure about the bush 4:45 puts it on
XD Airidas
Looks at the tumbnail:
Oh look at this noob
Watches the video:
I'm gonna leave this sweat alone.
Nate The Great
Lachlan is good
Chill God
14:32 wait I thought that was why you were mad before
Ryan Suhr
He really needs fresh
Who's Chief Radius?
I think u should practice 1v1 build fight..cause u keep burning down the mats and making the build fight longer
Spedo spedo
When ur so bad u can’t do 90’s properly with a floor
Sara Granda
why does he say monk so much
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COLLECT The TOILET PAPER *NEW* Becoming a *PRO* Fortnite Player? 1 week ago   20:41

Today in Fortnite Creative we do a Challenge course to collect toilet paper to win in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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