Kim Jong Un welcomes South Korea's North Korea leader Kim Jong 1 year ago   02:34

Channel NewsAsia
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un welcomed South Korea's Moon Jae-in as both leaders prepare for their third summit together. During the meeting, Moon is expected to raise stalled denuclearisation talks between North Korea and the United States.

(Video: Reuters)

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North Korea leader Kim Jong Kim Jong Un welcomes South Korea's 1 year ago   02:11

Analysts say Chinese President Xi Jinping’s second meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a little more than a month from now is a sign of just how anxious Beijing is about a nuclear deal on the Korean Peninsula and the impact an agreement could have on its strategic interests. China’s state media have portrayed the meetings as cordial and well-planned, highlighting how the talks have emphasized both sides’ shared strategic interests and the North’s commitment to denuclearize.