Kim Jong Un welcomes South Korea's North Korea leader Kim Jong 11 months ago   02:34

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un welcomed South Korea's Moon Jae-in as both leaders prepare for their third summit together. During the meeting, Moon is expected to raise stalled denuclearisation talks between North Korea and the United States.

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Luan Felix da cunha
Uma coreia unida é o que todo mundo espera e almeja ja é hora de acabar com essa guerra que ainda nao foi terminada oficialmente e esse ditador norte coreano ser destituido do poder e a coreia virar uma só um grande país capitalista afinal o capitalismo é a salvação do mundo e inclusive do Brasil!!!!
Mohd Umar
Qimeng zhang
Korea shall be united again. From China
Paolo Zanconato
Well ciao
Rina galingging
Moon jae-in has pair of balls!!!
Anna Lisa
The phoney games people play for the camera...ugh. All that fake stupid hugging and glad-hand. Fat boy looks like a thug with the hair-cut, and his insides will soon render him unable to walk well due to obesity. Imagine how his wife feels afte 9 pm. What a horror that he gorges on food while the People starve and look like skeltons. What a sick world we live in.
Mohamed Saidi
One Country One Nation .
Ade Sefli Ade Sefli
Korea utara dan korea selatan kalau bs jangan saling bertengkar pa lgi berperang. Krn klian negara bersaudara. Indahnya kebersamaan
Sonata Graal
They should play a kpop song or something
Humble communist vs Arrogant democracy.
aslam khan
two lion is coming
유튜브에서정답 김진형을 클릭하세요
ㅡ문재인 공산당이다
Verdade da Silva
hugging dictator
Verdade da Silva
propaganda to control people ! Big shit ...
Saint Lee
But N.k launched a missile recently 🤪🤪
부산 동부지검에
고발되어 있는
일제징용자 유골
문재인 등에 대해
담당 검사
수사에 엄중히 임해야 할 것!
종북 반일은

19년도 초
여적죄(사형)로 고발되어 있는
그 공조 범죄단
10만 명에게
Dejan Novakovic
Agent of North Korea
Shaikh Azam
1:08 cringy moments for kim jong un.
You are welcome
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North Korea leader Kim Jong Kim Jong Un welcomes South Korea's 11 months ago   02:11

Analysts say Chinese President Xi Jinping’s second meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a little more than a month from now is a sign of just how anxious Beijing is about a nuclear deal on the Korean Peninsula and the impact an agreement could have on its strategic interests. China’s state media have portrayed the meetings as cordial and well-planned, highlighting how the talks have emphasized both sides’ shared strategic interests and the North’s commitment to denuclearize.