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The Colorado Home Built For ‘Glamping’ | Why Ford And Gm Scaled Back In Europe - At Up-Tube.com

The Colorado Home Built for ‘Glamping’ Why Ford and GM Scaled Back in Europe 2 days ago   05:11

Wall Street Journal
Kristin Tang first camped on her lakeside property in Fruita, Colorado. Then, she wanted to make that feeling permanent, creating a home comprised of three yurts. She gives us a tour of her high-end glamping retreat.

Photo: Alex Griffin

#WSJ #glamping #retreat

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Awesome! I'm excited to see more local Colorado real estate vids getting shared to YouTube! Thanks for sharing. 😀
jimmy Ryan
This is just an ar for a hotel
Anybody else find this tiresome woman grating to listen to. I had to turn off the sound.
What a conceited bore
a dream house!
xele fonte
Wall Street Journal at its finest...showing off a home that 99.99% of the worlds population can not afford. Now go find Bill Gates home and give us a sales pitch of that. Perhaps we may be able to afford it in a different lifetime.
This has nothing to do with camping or glamping. It's just rich people claiming the best spots in nature, like they've always done since royalty was invented.
Brian Cullen
Everything wrong with the 'Me' generation.
How many communities could get education and clean water if you just bought a f###ing tent?
TheDesert IsPatient
I’ll tell ya. the problem: all the dam seasonal homes which some people visit a handful of times per year, so ya drive past condo rustic alpine empty homes; not even car parked anywhere. Then its just an eyesore; a beautiful view cluttered with empty houses. Just cuz land speculator developers making the place miserable; small tourist towns that close down to a couple or few hundred people.

Sickening info-mercial. Grand Junction area is just plane hot. Its near Fruita. If ya want a place that hot ya can e in Albuquerque or Sante Fe and have mild winters.
Old people are so excessive.
Super lame title for this piece. It has nothing to do with camping at all! It should be called Air B & B.
Promothash Boruah
Awesome 😍😍😍👍🙏
Graham Crichton
It really is camping... the 4 kids all have to sleep together! ;) two bedrooms for a 2200sqft house? Odd.
Mpanga Robert
4m for a house like that
You can see the dusk mark on the lens
Private Territory
White privilege!
Harin Sanghirun
Gotta love the dirty lense effect
The Bronx Pops !
4 mil ! In the middle of nowhere I’m selling everything !
Margarita Martinez
What's the address? Me and my friend want to come by and take a tour!!
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Why Ford and GM Scaled Back in Europe The Colorado Home Built for ‘Glamping’ 2 days ago   04:09

Decades after expanding to Europe, Ford and General Motors have both scaled back in the region, in part to gravitate back to their sweet spot: trucks and SUVs. WSJ explains why the two U.S. auto giants struggled to turn a profit in the European market.

Photo composite: Heather Seidel/The Wall Street Journal

#WSJ #Ford #GM