Cool president Obama goes President Obama Visits Dillingham 4 months ago   02:59

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01/22/16 update : Trump : "Make America divided again"

11/09/16 update : Amercia,, he has just made it hated again...

For those looking for the music :
Presented as a short story, this editing starts as president Obama and his staff get a little hungry. That's when the president decides to go in town to get some food...
Extracts of the videos used are named in the ending credits.
Music is DJ Pascal Baxter's song "Color", produced by Celeb Prod
2012 The Kolumnist

Long Version :

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JMV Love songs
Coolest person ever ever😎😎😎
Joshua Witt
I talk about term limits but you will stay around for a very very long time.

Do white people seem odd to you? You are very out of place in my universe.
lisa houk
I miss him so much as president
Rachel Brewer
What no one wants hamburders?
India mai bhi kaash aisa neta hota toh india bhi China se aage hota
Carrie Oakey
now we have trump...
Jet Gardner
This is heavily edited with dumb music added - THUMBS DOWN
Gia Phu
Forever the best president in my heart ❤️
John Lewis
If All African president can be coming out side like this and be given youth some courage believe me this will be ok
Deeksha Bisht
Definitely legends are survive all over the world jst like Obama ,kalam,Modi ...
julius dogta
Imagine putting a poison powder to those burgers and killed the president 😱
Oscar K
President:Who wants humburgers?
Everyone in the room: For real though?
Azman Man
He is the coolest president... respect him... awesome 🤗🤗🤗
Akshay Thakor 77
Coolest Pm in the worlds
Maria dipalo
Our current President bought an entire football team hundreds of burgers fries etc.. and served them with class on Sterling silver platters. All had a great day at the white house together. Love 45 cuz he loves America
Maria dipalo
Wow he sprung for fast food burgers. How about helping pay those poor peoples rent?
Roland Roy
There will never be another one like him!! ☹️
Random VFXvideo
Like: Obama
Comment: Trump
Kurt Bartolo
Mr Obama joins president agian like 2 undo
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President Obama Visits Dillingham Cool president Obama goes 4 months ago   03:18

At the Dillingham Middle School, President Obama was treated to a youth cultural dance performance. Obama jumped up and danced with the children during the last song.