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Kevin Corrigan
The Corrigan Show hosted by KEVIN CORRIGAN, with special guest JAMES FRANCO
Next LIVE Corrigan Show: TBD for more info

Directed by: Edmond Hawkins
Produced by: Billy Nord, Kevin Corrigan, Edmond Hawkins
Director of Photography: Nathan Slevin
Edited by: Andrew Carranza
Sound: Matt Betlej
Camera Operators: Joe Bonacci, Tim Bierbaum
Digital Imaging Technician: David Eber
Still Photography: Seth Olenick
Make-up/Hair: Kristen Stone

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"Hey, that's not a petty-pet rooster..."
Hereeе is reallyyy full aand hd Freaaaks aaand Geeeks =>
Simon Johnson
More views!
Katlyn L
I wonder if he got that eye booger out
Misery M.
makes me think of PE! Why don´t they make a sequel???! :(
Is this actually Kevin Corrigan's channel? Expected more views and subs.
Andys Videos/Bungle Boy Videos
Yeah Kev! Keep these up!
Somewhat Damaged
kevin corrigan>james franco
Ich Heisse Max
Kevin Corrigan is my hero
Nandita Krishna
James Franco is so positive and such an inspiration. I have no acting experiences or interests (though I do appreciate all these forms of art highly) but what he's talking about can be applied to every aspect of life - to not give up, to screen out negativity and to keep your eye on the game. Life is too short to stray away into the ubiquitous world criticism. A real inspiration James Franco :)
Kevin Beattie
I'm really the first one to comment on this? So much to say so much to say.. Love the Brando look. First time I saw Kevin was in watching Super Bad opening night in Theatres. Also my first time smoking Hash, from some homeless guy downtown. age 15 or whatever. First time I saw James Franco was Spiderman I believe. Then Knocked Up, Pineapple, watched 127 in an airport and started Freaks and Geeks but didn't want it to end so stopped episode 3. I'm starting out my acting career, just did my first serious monologue and got really into it. Flashes of truly believing my performance. MY comment is, What an inspiration you both are to guys not Sure if they should go the Workaholics route, The Ron Swanson route, the Bill Burr route, the Seth Rogen route, The Evan Goldberg route, or the Bruce Willis route, lol (if only anyone besides him could) But no in all seriousness knowing that just being an actor, and entertainer of all sorts as a career whether you are doing theatre one year film another stand up another and music the next it doesn't matter. In this digital age you can make an awesome interview like this and there is so much shit out there to see that I am actually the first comment. Lol funny enough, whenever I see a successful Kevin I flinch, I'm named Kevin, I think its a great name that kinda like the Boy named Sue forces you to be tough, and funny. Actually just found out Kevin Corrigan is the name. but thats how knowing about actors really works. I always called you the soccer head butt guy from Super Bad ya know? 
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Kevin Corrigan, Steve Buscemi Kevin Corrigan and James Franco 2 days ago   10:15

Next LIVE Corrigan Show: TBD for more info

Using the same technique perfected by Lou Reed on his album "Live: Take No Prisoners" this binaural recording was accomplished by inserting two microphones into a mannequin head, one mic in each ear, and placed in the back of the room, simulating and capturing the sound of being there, with us, when this show actually occurred. Recorded live at Over the Eight in Brooklyn. (NOTE: BEST EXPERIENCED THROUGH HEADPHONES)

Produced by: Billy Nord, Kevin Corrigan, Rachel Dengiz
Edited by: Sara Sachs
Opening Sequence: Andrew Carranza
Titles: Edmond Hawkins, Andrew Carranza
Sound: Rachel Dengiz
Sound Post: Weston Fonger
Sound Post Assistant: Philippe LeSaux
Camera Operators: Adam Benn, Rachael Counce
Still Photography: Seth Olenick