Ajax 1-1 Juventus: Champions League The Worst Miss Ever? Mbappe 3 months ago   05:19

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Cristiano Ronaldo gave Juventus the lead but Ajax's young side fought back to keep the Champions League quarter-final balanced.

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Nicole Vargas
2:16 a person threw a water bottle at ronaldo
Mike Raja
The secret success to AJAX team is their technical skills, being in a community that knows everybody, and good connection.

I am only 18 years old.

They play like highschoolers (10th graders) in recess against 12th graders.
why is this on my recommended page? soccer is soooo boring with all that back and forth running like toddlers chasing a ball and g@y with all that injury fakery theatrics. we have our boring game here too..its called baseball. sleepers...
Ernesto Flores
To be honest Ajax came out of nowhere I didn’t even know they were a team
Leo R.
I heard Barca's going to buy de Ligt on top of de Jong. Another great team ruined by the greedy tentacles of Barcelona.

Modern football for you. Even if we have feel good stories like Ajax, there's always a Barcelona, Madrid, United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea or PSG looming to pick off your best talent. Look what happened to Monaco.....
Sport TV
2:51 someone throws a cup at Ronaldo
Idris Ali
This Ajax can beat anybody, including LFC and Barca. Final: Ajax vs Barcelona 2:1
Juan Medina
Juventus had a defense that was SLEEPING this entire champions league 😂🤣
Red_ Litty
"mR.cHaMpIoNs" they said 😂😂😂
Alejandro Jaime
Ajax all the way . Start my boy Dolburg tho
DannyDboi _
Who else is here after Ajax eliminated Juventus????
Kanishk Kapoor
Why is Ronaldo in the thumbnail when they LOST!
Terrible commentator with bias toward Juve
Costa's run.... pure skills... commentator should'v been a bit more exciting... that deserved more than silence... hats off
Fuck Juventus and Ronaldo. out the champions league they go hahaha
Tian Xie
Ajax in home jersey is a great team, Ajax in away jersey is UNBEATABLE!
Alexis Velazquez
We not gonna say about the nigga sticking the middle finger
And lmaoaoao Juventus lost 🤣🤣
Ronaldo effect who??
Messi 45
Mbappe 33
Penaldo 26
K Boss
"Good run, with pace and determination AND A BRILLIANT FINISH" Wow Ax really is something else, not one single star yet they play the game so well together, def fun to watch
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The Worst Miss Ever? Mbappe Ajax 1-1 Juventus: Champions League 3 months ago   02:48

Is this the worst miss you have ever seen? PSG's Eric Choupo-Moting prevented teammate Christopher Nkunku's shot from crossing the goal line, leaving Kylian Mbappe completely baffled as PSG missed the chance to clinch the Ligue 1 title against Strasbourg.

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