Fortnite Addicted Child GOES Vaping Kid Fought The Teacher...(STORYTIME) 1 week ago   10:31


So theres this little game called Fortnite, and I guess this kid is addicted to it. He ended up going on Dr. Phil and it was quiet the meme. Apparently you can just blame everything on video games instead of taking responsibility for their actions. Fortnite Addicted Child LOSES IT On Dr. Phil



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This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!

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Deen Squad Bosnia
My mom would beat his ass so hard that he’d make her food without her asking
Some Ones Keys
He can play APEX Legends now
Allimant Plays
If I locked out m6 parents out, they would break in to the house and hit me so hard I wouldn’t be able to stand for an hour.
Jandy Mercedes
I play Apex now lol fortnite is now ass...
Cuz Duz
Scrubby chill.
Kid: I would cook a sandwich

Gordon Ramsey has left the chat
Wow if that was my mom she will tell my dad to look at what your son is doing at he will literally break my PS4 on top of my head and shove the remaining of the PS4 straight up my ass with knife
Bryan Van kleeck
8:16 something called online Xbox store
Caeden Dwyer
I don’t want to sound like A serial killer but I just killed a couple people
LaZeR BuildZ
If I did that I would not even be alive right now
Emvia 129
This makes me scared to have kids.....
does he have two moms or, like i’m confused *i know that’s a possibility of having lesbian parents but i’m just clarifying*
CptDaniel 420
I’m messing around this kid needs therapy and a nice ass whipping
CptDaniel 420
This kid plays on Xbox it explains a lot
waldos magic
She need to put this dude up for adoption
QuackAddict 78
Parenting 101
olivia perez
The angle in the thumbnail made the kid look like Cody from the suit life
redknight 2006
Scrubby why didn't you use face cam
Jeff Waterspn
Is that morgnal
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Vaping Kid Fought The Teacher...(STORYTIME) Fortnite Addicted Child GOES 1 week ago   06:41

So yeah, this is the story of the vaping kid who fought the teacher.

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lol if ur reading this comment "Dr. Phil Is Jesus"

😡 This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!

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