Casting Detective Pikachu Detective Pikachu Trailer 2 Breakdown 1 week ago   01:14

Ryan Reynolds
You should have seen the audition room when we were done....

#DetectivePikachu tickets are now on sale:

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The Jazz King
I want live action Digimon.

Piedmon - Tom Hiddleston

Etemom - The Rock
علوش العراقي
شنو انتو بس اجانب اني من العراق اخوكم
Linh Giang
So cute!!!!!!
Brian Byon
you guys have got to add Niki Minaj Jynx if you want Ryan Reynolds
MinecraftParty 101
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg i love pokemon an i can not wait in tell detrctive pikachu comes
oh my fucking god eevee and pikachu is so cute i can’t
Dj Harmon
They look really good
Nghia Nguyen
probably the most ugliest venusaur in my life. i mean some of these pokemons look like crap.. im praying this pokemon movie wont be a disappointment like "dragon ball Evolution".
Sesha Kurnain
Cute at all pleaseee
Purin Puffz
I've just noticed, that Jigglypuff is the same one Ash met. It's still holding that same Microphone/Pen like it's a teddy bear.
Purin Puffz
0:04 Rioga? Does that say Rioga? Did you call that Jigglypuff Rioga? I'm inspired.
That jigglypuff in the thumbnail has seen some things
Alees Sudi
pancham, yes
Susan Kang
edith jstar
awwww, eevee es tan hermoso que me causa diabetes.
chen Magen
chen Magen
Baka Marimo!!!
squirtle kawaiii
Jagi Bi
Ohh !there is si cute
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Detective Pikachu Trailer 2 Breakdown Casting Detective Pikachu 1 week ago   06:36