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'going Clear' Documentary Exposes | Ex-Scientology Executive Discusses Treatment - At Up-Tube.com

'Going Clear' Documentary Exposes Ex-Scientology executive discusses treatment 1 day ago   05:50

The Hollywood Reporter
Alexy Gibney and Lawrence Wright's documentary 'Going Clear' exposes the inner workings of The Church of Scientology.

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Justin Wilton
There Is A Great Deal Of Evidence That Scientology Is The Root Of The Luciferian Death Cult That Spawned The HollyWood Blood Cult And Pedogate.
Think About It, The "Church" Status Also Provides The Perfect Cover To Launder Money From Criminal Activity. The Central Structure Of Scientology Contains All The Necessary Elements Of MK Ultra Mind Control, Which Interestingly Enough Is Also A Rampant Practice In Hollywood.
Consider The Number Of Hollywood Celebrity's Connected To Scientology. That Means They Would Have To Labor Under Affiliation With The PedoWood Cult And The Church Of Scientology...
It Would Never Work Because Both Cults Would Demand To Be The Actors First Priority. Therefore It Stands To Reason That They Are One And The Same.
In Essence Its A Pyramid Scheme Of Elite Luciferian Pedophile Cultists That Brainwash Their Congregates Into A Life Of Slave Labor.
How Else Could The Cult Of Scientology Ever Expect Anyone To Believe That Crap About An Intergalactic Alien Dictator?
Another Interesting Connection Is That With MK Ultra Mind Control There Are Somewhat Frequent Behavioral Quirks And Sometimes Even Full Blown Psychological Meltdowns.
This Happens When The Walls Between Personalities In A Given Subject Begin To Erode, The Multiple Personalities Start To Become Aware Of One Another And It Triggers A Psychotic Break.
That's When Its Time To Go To "Rehab" At The Super Secret Scientology Brainwashing Facility.
If The Psychological Damage Is Too Great Or If The Fractures In The Subjects Mind Can't Be Put Back Into Some Manner Of Workable Order, Then You End Up With The "Tragic Suicide" Of Another Celeberty.
Occasionally An Actor Or Musician Will Suffer Complete Loss Of Their Fundamental Self, These Are The Ones That Quit HollyWood And Wander Off (Into The Church) Never To Be Heard From Again.
Their Are Literally Volumes Of Documents Connecting These Cults, Including Roots In Nazism.
I'll Put Together A Presentation About The Cult Of Scientology And The Blood Drinking Washington DC / HollyWood PedoFreaks And I Think you'll See That Its All One Cabal.
For everyone's sake, I sincerely hope and pray to God that no one else ever succumbs to the dangers that Scientology provides.
Anna Cottle Cottle
I find it odd that all the responses are abput a sciencetolgy ad.
hans van de mortel
God always needs money. If God exist he can make his own money. You like to be a stupid one? OK! In that case just give God the money where he is asking for. I promise you to be in heaven, Gods own playground for people acting like a baby.
WOW, I watched the whole video. I love how they think showing their creepily intense propaganda production facility is like a logical counterpoint to anything Gibney says. And she is PISSED about the ants!! I was repeating it with her by the third time it came up, laughing. It's so bizarre that they can't see how this vaseline-on-th-lense pan shots and besides-the-point manipulation of irrelevant information is so TRANSPARENTLY propaganda. With that giant facility, they can't hire an experienced filmmaker to tell them that Goebbels literally came up with less obvious propaganda?
I love how the Scientology ad before the video calls Alex Gibney a "propagandist", yet I've seen subtler, smarter propaganda come out of Nazi Germany. I mean, with all that money you couldn't produce something snappier or even slightly believable...?
Lmao the ad before this was for Scientology.
Check yourself Scientology. Where is the water park??
Jesus never charge money for cure illness people neither any true church whom really born in spirit in Jesus Christ.
Laura Sargent
These people are nuts and don't even realize the crazy that they project.  This is a cult, it is merely a crazy man's smoke screen creation to deflect from his own mental illness.  What better way to create a following and label it a religion, this is no religion. Hubbard was ill.  Why would anyone shun their own loved ones and close friends for the sake of a religion? Sickening to think that there are many that are unable to leave because a family member or loved one dominates their every move that they can't get out.  I firmly believe Katie Holmes saw the crazy after the honeymoon glow subsided from her whirlwind courtship with Tom Cruise and came to her senses that "hey get me and my daughter out of this".  gives me the creeps
It's hilarious that as an Advertisement for this video was a propaganda video by Scientology talking about how this documentary is baseless slander...

dr D&B
whats up with the scarves..expose that shit
Keyboard Dancers
Anyone got any decent links to this film? It's banned here in UK.
Shannon Claire
Ants are cool.
Marcus Dalton
people trying to be worshiped, fuck them and were is the I don't care about your bull shit beliefs ,religion were you can watch porn and smoke weed . just worry about your self don't try push your magic undies on me
William H. Thompson
I am disgusted by their use of the word "Church." CULT!!!
sign the petition, revoke the tax exempt
I will never watch a Tom Cruise or John Travolta movie EVER again. It's sickening that our country is allowing this CULT to continue doing all they do. It's inhumane and sick and they are tax-exempt? Crazy, that our government is allowing this.
Jahnavi Patel
Now only if people realized that other religions are just as crazy.
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Ex-Scientology executive discusses treatment 'Going Clear' Documentary Exposes 1 day ago   12:00

Ramana Dienes-Browning discusses her upbringing as a Scientologist.