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Review: Axiz Brushless Gimbal | Dji Naza Flight Control V1.6 - At Up-Tube.com

REVIEW: AXIZ Brushless Gimbal DJI Naza Flight Control v1.6 3 months ago   05:11

M Multirotor
Here I am reviewing an AXIZ Go Pro Brushless Gimbal. This unit is from helidirect and is selling for $149.99. It's an easy to set up easy to use unit coming with the gimbal, gimbal motors, gimbal controller and all necessary accessories. All you need is a multirotor and a 12V power supply (11.1.v Lipo Battery optomized)!

No need to plug in to a computer. No firmware or software updates!

As you can see, the gimbal assembly and installation was straightforward, no modification. The landing gear on my craft is a unit also sold by Helidirect (F550FPV-LG)/ I used three oversized nuts and bolts to mount the gimbal to the CF plate on the landing gear. This gimbal will also directly mount to the F550/450.

Compared to other brushless gimbals, I have found this one to work quite well. It also has some cool extra features.

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DJI Naza Flight Control v1.6 REVIEW: AXIZ Brushless Gimbal 3 months ago   15:06

This video will show you how to setup DJI's Naza controller 1.6 for Multi-rotor FlameWheel 330,450, and 550. Brought to you by Pacific Coast Hobbies Reiner Von Weber. DJI Naza Assistant v1.6