Beautiful Moments of Respect and Fair 17 FUNNY MOMENTS IN SPORTS 1 month ago   10:09

Beautiful Moments of Respect and Fair Play in Sports 2019 - Faith In Humanity Restored 2019

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Pam Dangelo
Ok stop chopping the onions
Bruno Pereira
Eu não sei como cheguei nesse vídeo, só sei que estou chorando....
Ricarvozpaz Voz Paz
Q hermosa es la humanidad cuando se es buena persona
Joe Blastic
This is why sports matter!
XxSofiaxX Kawaii
This made me cry so much...
Rime Fdhila
Sala Allah bless you 🤲
Vikram Singh
God bless u
I bilieve!!!!!
We don't need to get something out of it to be a good person.
Hydro Basil
These get me everytime. Major respect for people taking the time to be kind in this cruel world.
марина подшибякина
в этом видео самый солнечный ребенок -это дедушка))) как же он светился
Rahayu Hikmayanti
This video makes me give a lot of tears, and my tears seem like I won't stop. Whatever your religion, your tribe, your country, or where you live, I just pray, so that God gives you lots of happiness, lots of protection, and always bestowed health, because you are loving people, who want to help others, without view Fur. Salute to you. Warm regards from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Indonesia.
Sươn Rmah
Tôi đã khóc khi xem video này, tình cảm của con người với nhau thật đáng quý báo
Mariah Belcher
The old man one made me kinda cried
marcello Viscione
W l'amore x le persone... Rispetto x tutti
Ali Reza
Humanity 😔❤
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17 FUNNY MOMENTS IN SPORTS Beautiful Moments of Respect and Fair 1 month ago   10:12

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No doubt, professional sports are dangerous, exciting and require a lot of strength, endurance, dedication and a will-to-win spirit. But let's be honest: how funny it can be! In today's video we have collected for you the most amusing and ridiculous moments from various competitions and games. It's just impossible to look at them without a smile, so... what are we waiting for?