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Body Language Of How Jake Paul | Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories - At Up-Tube.com

Body Language of How Jake Paul POP CULTURE CONSPIRACY THEORIES 10 months ago   33:53

Derek Van Schaik
How did Jake Paul manipulate Shane Dawson into liking him in Shane’s Jake Paul series?

Shane Dawson did an 8 part docu-series on Jake Paul. The first part was The Mind of Jake Paul, then The Dark Side of Jake Paul, next The Family of Jake Paul, and The Enemies of Jake Paul. From there, Shane goes to Jake Paul's Team 10 mansion with Kati Morton in The World of Jake Paul, see my body language video on Shane's visit to the Team 10 House.

In The Secrets of Jake Paul, I made a Body Language of a Liar video about a kitchen conversation Jake Paul and Erika Costell had with Shane, while he was visiting Jake at his home.

In The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul, I analyzed Alissa Violet's body language to determine what she possibly lied about.

During Shane’s series part 8 finale, Inside The Mind of Jake Paul, Shane does his final sit down interview with Jake.

As I’m sure you recall, when Shane started this series he was legitimately scared of Jake Paul since he was seriously concerned Jake was a sociopath. However, at the end of the last episode they’ve apparently became friends.

Shane had a very negative impression of Jake from the start, but how did Jake fight that uphill battle to manipulate or change Shane’s opinion of him and eventually win Shane over? That’s what we’re going to find out. Furthermore, we’re going to look at how Jake’s possible manipulation caused Shane to be easier on him during questioning.

Clearly, Jake did a good job in winning Shane over, so take note of Jake’s tactics which I’ll be pointing out, since they may be helpful for you to use when you’re trying to get someone to like you in your life.

In the comments: Why do you think Jake Paul came across as so likable and nice? A. Sociopath, B. Suck up, C. Real self, D. Medicated. Let everyone know in the comments below.

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Comments 67 Comments

Kasey Wood
I don't think he won Shane over. He just made Shane less scared of him and more comfortable.
Aviation Nut
Damn, I just realized I am a sociopath..Thanks Derek.
at around 18:40 Jake is really silent an un-emotive when his old friends are talking about "past Jake"
justin h
This shane dude is a god damned idiot.
Also though, i feel like you're vastly over analyzing this.... He asked if they wanted to do the interview inside: and if he wanted water... Cmon dude. If he says something cocky.. Hes cocky, if he says something not cocky, hes manipulative...?
Gennady Golovkin
"This is like, the first time we're finally meeting"

Jake Paul's I.Q summed up in a single sentence.
Karol Palazej
It's very simple….Jake knew that Shane can be used as a weapon and showed Shane EXACTLY what Shane wanted.
Bob Ross
Pretty ballsy of you to challenge Jake Paul for a boxing match
Damn the difference between these two is huge. Shane is so easy to manipulate too
Ok, so this guy basically is my ex. They behave exactly the same way. I hate myself for being fooled by his "charms" because that's all there is- A facade of humanity, a mask disguising the hollow inside. Just like those lego pillars; the only thing inside is he himself. Nothing else.
Holly Golightly
I actually don't really care for Jake Paul but sometimes people just laugh or have a good day, you know..not saying he couldn't be faking it or doesn't know exactly what he's doing but reading into every single laugh or nice word like this seems ridiculous...
Los veo Pecadores
I like hugs but nobody gives me hugs when they meet me :'c
Tekk Luthor
you people don't get it. We need to wear masks in this world to filter out the bullshit
Moebius Bedroon
man this show is great !!! i cant believe i just found it
Delius Lyndon
Shane Dawson, bless his heart he seems like a nice guy, but he's basically just an old-fashioned starfucker.
Yerp Derp
EVERYONE GO COMMENT ON SHANES VIDS “Go watch Derek Van Shaik videos!”
Space Alien
This is the dumbest shit i ever heard and i am only 5 minutes in. He is breaking down every single thing Jake says as if it is some planned game. Lol. Greeting your guests and offering them something to drink is NOT strange or planned behaviour in any way shape of form. Also, Shane does house tours at every single persons house he goes to to interview. All that stuff is completely normal and would be strange if he didn't do it! Get real dude.
Brennen Black
Jake COULD have done this, but he was nice. Wow great insight. He could literally do anything so...
I think this showed more that he isn't a sociopath. He was humbled. This guy was a kid. Shane hit on environmental issues from how he was raised, and what was allowed in his home.
Shane definitely thinks jake is attractive
Susan Darby
Shane knows from his friend that sociopaths are manipulative and charming though. I really don't think he buys Jake's act as much as you think he does.
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POP CULTURE CONSPIRACY THEORIES Body Language of How Jake Paul 10 months ago   19:33

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