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India Election Enters Crucial | Bihar के Siwan में - At Up-Tube.com

India election enters crucial Bihar के Siwan में 2 days ago   06:53

DW News
The India general elections just entered their sixth and penultimate voting phase, including the capital Delhi. Results there carry significant symbolism for the rest of the country and could deal an embarrassing blow to Narendra Modi's BJP. In the capital, the party Aam Aadami currently holds sway and hopes their efforts to improve public education will convince voters to back them again.
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Comments 28 Comments

Gurinder Singh
Hindu Rashtar extremists in India killed many liberal scholars like Ms Gauri lankesh Dr Kalburgi and Dr Pansare but on the other hand filed many Hindu Rashtar terrorists accused like Sadhavi pragya Thakur etc in elections. Can India survive under the terror threat from Hindu Rashtar extremists?
Vishnu Mahant
Unfortunately schools in Gujarat are spotty, some good others mediocre. When I compare school education in America with India, there is hardly any comparison. A few schools may be good in India, but most are pretty bad. I think China has done a better job in education than India.
Show some Africian,Pakistan party,,,Aam admi party noting just like joker...
The Diplomat
Primary education is a States issue while Center focus on Higher Education, this reporter required some education first.
sujish sujish
BJP Modi 400+ 💐🌸🏵️🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷🌱🌲🌳🌴🌿☘️🍀🌾
ewgeg keugrwug
Is there no free education in India?
Pritam Bhattacharjee
Please vote for Modi
Anti hindu koh mat vote doh bhai
Bad mey pastaogey
Manav Jain
Good coverage. One mistake- Manish Sisodia is Delhi Education Minister not Indian Education Minister
Talk about religion and they forget every major issue.
Sahil Imdad
Congress 2019
Don't check only Delhi schools, you need to check various Indian States then come to conclusions of which party is performing in reference to public schools.
Pratik Bagal
Andh Bhakts are disliking this video
Awesome video clip
Good video on education.
6:30 I tell you that India student dose not not lack at any thing only problem is that no jobs for them to ferther dovelped skills.
Second thing India do not English to successful look at all Asia country like Japan, china, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong. They dose not know English problem of India education is it in english. why we need English we don't English if India don't know English India internet market full of India companies. Sell there own not make other.
Only problem India education it is in english Main problem.
Borade Ruksharaj
The education infrastructure and job is the most problem in india
Vanenazy Swer
Pat Ehrenfeld
BJP, Modhi for India
Ken kelly Chao
Where are the girls? All the footage of the public school shows boy learning.
athoiba ef
BJP will win #NAMO again.
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Bihar के Siwan में India election enters crucial 2 days ago   06:23

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