N/A Chevy SS Camaro Takes On Built 2019 Camaro SS Review - BETTER 2 days ago   13:39

Nasty 2SS
Cammed Chevy SS Camaro Takes On Built 392 Supercharged Dodge Challenger.

Today we head out to Mexico for a little run. As Always, we had an awesome time. Both of these cars did extremely well in this race. Challenger is making roughly 615whp in this video, running about 8 psi on the blower. I want to thank everyone for the support, and for watching the channel. If you want to see more videos like this, make sure to hit that like button. Don't forget to subscribe!



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Nasty 2SS
A few people have asked me how they can donate to the channel. I created a link, if you decide you would like to. I appreciate the support, and the person who thought this would be a good idea!
Jalen Anderson
Is this with mufflers off
Donaven Moon
Dez nuts got emm lol
Mopar people are some of the nicest people out there. They'll always let you know if you have a light out on the back of your ss. Bless their hearts.
I return the favor by taking them to pick their car up from the repair shop.
I'm just kiddin... good video.
matthew duff
love the rims on camaro are they factory. sorry im not up on whats what anymore and just bought a camaro but rims not as nice
What shop does the Challenger go to I'm about to pick up a 392 but I don't know where to take it. I'm in the same part of Mexico
Super Sloth
Camaro goals
Gabriel Acuna
Camaro Power 👍👍👍
Nice video! Sick camaro but something doesn’t seem right with the challenger. Boosted 392’s make some serious power.
D. Hernandez
Why the 5.7 heads and not the 6.4 heads???? What's the difference??
Hadley Spieckerman
And this is why everyone loves an ls... supercharged hemi can’t hang with a camed non built car.. lol that’s honestly embarrassing
Jose Ramirez
“Fast and furious but with the good cars” 💀 Sound dumb, A Supra and Rx7 All japan cars will put all 3 cars in the grave.
Grey M
Great point at the end of your vid 👍 Take it easy boys.
Chevy LS3
@4:54 Deez Nutz...huh gotti!
Cesar Acevedo
Man, that 392 is way undertune. At 7 psi it should be at 650whp. That is a OEM close to a Hellcat HP. No way a Camaro will ever be close to that as N/A no matter what.
Sean Reaves
What city you in? Cause CHVYMAC likes too play!! 2011 camero ss/rs supercharged!
chino grabeel
That’s ss setup is sick wat cam wat headers do you have
jared morales
Very tasteful mods besides maybe the balls but that’s hilarious so it’s okay. Very nice Camaro man and a realistic build not too much done to it
Blue 18
Lol. Love the video. Call everyone out.
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2019 Camaro SS Review - BETTER N/A Chevy SS Camaro Takes On Built 2 days ago   15:48

Reviewing the 2019 Camaro 2SS and comparing it to the 2019 Mustang!

Huge thanks to Parkway Chevrolet for providing this car for the review! Be sure to check our their new and used inventory and ask for David Croft! https://www.parkwaychevrolet.com/

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