AN INCREDIBLE POKÉMON GO NEW SHINY HUNT! My Opinion on EVERY Shiny Pokémon 2 days ago   18:37

NEW SHINY POKÉMON HYPE! Today we hunt Pokémon GO Community Day with aDrive and the Twitchcon Berlin fam! We also get a new mon in the dex in Pokémon GO! How did you guys do during Pokémon GO Community Day? SHINY HYPE!

#PokémonGO #CommunityDay #ShinyPokémon

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Alessandro Pinna
‪Hey Guys, add me please. I play everyday and i always send gifts ‬
‪From italy‬
‪4378 4746 0272‬
‪3547 2500 2734‬
‪7138 8854 2343‬
fort8 plays
I manage to get a shinoh stone so rosearaid togikiss porygon z
Ps4 Boy
My friend got a shiny hundo bagon
Efrain Madrid
This is trash I got 0
Gladson Vlogs
Where’s her channel?
Kim Grisez
I only got 4
SwanSong Y.T
I got at this event 6 shiny castforns and 20 bagon shiny
Whyu_bullyme1 YT
I got 14 shiny bagon
Battle Royalboys
All my shiny magicarp
1:23 I found an wild Mr. Mime with 1900 CP on lvl 26!
Oljay FIFA
Add me 3386 4342 5311
Gatman XD
0582 5659 2537
5632 2360 2972
5837 2517 3724
6584 5359 5141
0407 4011 4177
Alex Landrum Vlogs
Praticly 0
Isabella Jordan
add me: 8926 2323 8048
Cartoonboy 77
I went from two bagons and 36 candies, to enough to get two Salamence and shelgon. FOUR SHINIES!!!! 😁😁
SR Cuber
7754 0267 1158
Gachaverse User
I got a lugia at level 21
sliced bread
Dx1 been a ghost hashtag find dx1
Wafelek Przebity Frytką
1834 7285 3934 add me pls
KiNg Droller
Walk 200 km with your buddy and it turns shiny
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My Opinion on EVERY Shiny Pokémon AN INCREDIBLE POKÉMON GO NEW SHINY HUNT! 2 days ago   15:11

After giving my thoughts and opinions on every Pokémon in one video (mostly with 1 word each), as my last video of 2017, I’m going to give you my thoughts this time on every shiny Pokémon from gens 1 to 7.

First video:
Sleep Talk Podcast:

Google Plus:
Poké Amino: TheAuraGuardian

Something something fair use something something

#Pokemon #ShinyPokemon #PokemonOpinion #HolyShinx