T-Motor vs Gemfan Carbon Fiber 5030 vs 6030 Propeller Miniquad 2 days ago   08:19

This takes a look at Tiger Motor (T-Motor) carbon fiber propeller and the "T Style" carbon fiber knockoffs from Gemfan.

Is the $65/pair vs $23/pair difference worth it?
You be the judge!

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5030 vs 6030 Propeller Miniquad T-Motor vs Gemfan Carbon Fiber 2 days ago   03:54

I have always used 5030 props since I started flying miniquads. I bought the ZMR250 frame from banggood because it was a cheap way to get into, what I call, fancy miniquad frames. I have had great luck flying it with 5" propellers and 3 blade 5" propellers so I thought I would give some 6030 props a try to see what the difference would be. Well, these 6030 props from banggood did nothing but fail. They look and feel a little stiffer than what I'm use to. Anyway, the fail at the end.

6030 Props:

However, this is a good Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame:

Mobius Camera: