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Why The Magic Tricks Rarely Matter | That's Amazing Magic Tricks - At Up-Tube.com

Why The Magic Tricks Rarely Matter That's Amazing Magic Tricks 2 days ago   08:30

Scam Nation
Creator, performer, and musician Marcus Eddie performs and sits with Nate to talk about bringing your loves into magic and using the art as a social crutch.
Nate Staniforth drove across the United States talking to his favorite magicians about all the elements of magic from creation to execution and beyond. Join his expedition in this weekly mini-series, this summer on Scam Nation.

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/7a5TSAq
Find us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ScamNationShow
And Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Scam-Nation-2279995262222202
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Comments 21 Comments

I love these interviews very inspiring
James Holbrook
And rap is stupid
chris thompson
Brain! got a puzzle for you.

A thief is caught breaking into a castle kitchen. Before he can be arrested he manages to lock himself in the larder. Luckily for the thief, the king is a fan of maths and will pardon the thief if he is able to correctly and quickly multiply two large numbers together. There is only one problem, the thief is a dumb ass and never learned how to multiply (but he knows how to add and subtract ).

The larder is filled with ingredients of cooking e.g. dried beans, rice and sticks of spaghetti etc. There is nothing to write with. In fact, if the king sees the thieves workings out when the door is opened or if he has made a mess, he will instantly throw the thief in jail.

what can the thief do to so he is able to answer any of the king questions?

Note: Even if the person you are talking to is a maths wizard and able to answer instantly, this doesn't help the thief.

example questions:
93 x 21
313 x 25
42 x 404

(the story might need a bit of a tidy up as its one I've come up myself but think it has everything you need)
Andreas Petersen
1:20 is where the “magic” begins
Rohan Sadaphule
Brian should go to 'Penn and Teller Fool us' again.
khalid minalang
rubber band trick.. please teach me.
Ro80Cop Jeffries
Dude I LOVE all of these. My man, you are a helluva interviewer and I get so invested in these specific interviews. I'm no magician but ive always watched scam school. These guys just talking about their passions and being NORMAL peopl and not the totally arrogant or cocky people that came from something and rode that to victory. These guys are inspiring, far beyond the magic.
Micah Philson
Before I watch, I'm just guessing it's the same thing every other magician here has stated: it's all about the connection with the audience and sharing an experience or an emotion, it's not about the trick itself at all.
We've heard it so many times now, but it really is an important message. It's the purpose of literally any artform, the artist sharing their experiences and their view on life.
John Dearie
“The magician is more important than the magic.” Great tip that Marcus embodies.
Dopamine Circuit
I just wanna know why the fork someone has a box of baking soda in a jar next to their monitor in that room behind mr. least-magical-rubber-band-boy and his interviewer.
Drew Dundon
Marcus is a class act!
i hate myself
I've never watched someone's fingers so intently
Liewei Sha
notification squad!
Never been this early, love the channel, I would love to see you change the name back to scam school please.
Crasher Sli
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That's Amazing Magic Tricks Why The Magic Tricks Rarely Matter 2 days ago   17:15

After another day filming with That's Amazing I thought I would show and teach them some magic tricks! Check it out! Special Guest appearance by Chris Seaverson!

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