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Us China Trade: Do Trump's Tariffs | 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Could The Us China - At Up-Tube.com

US China trade: Do Trump's tariffs 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Could the US China 2 months ago   05:28

DW News
The US says it is preparing to raise tariffs on all remaining Chinese imports, as the trade dispute between Washington and Beijing escalates further. Those tariffs will affect another 300 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods and is likely to have far-reaching consequences for the global economy. The two sides ended talks for the day, but are still negotiating, even though US President Donald Trump had already more than doubled tariffs on 200-billion dollars of Chinese imports. Beijing says it will take what it calls "necessary countermeasures," but Mr. Trump says there's no rush to strike a deal. China's top trade negotiator still says he's cautiously optimistic about reaching a trade deal with the US.
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Vincent Vargas
Who cares about the GLOBAL ECONOMY! They dont care about us in AMERICA. AMERICA FIRST!
snap 32244
Trump is playing his cards very strategically....
Americans, take note. It took years for the Chinese to master their skills in product manufacturing. And if the U.S. wants to bring back, U.S. companies, it will take years for those companies to train their workers. In the meantime, China has the factories, the technology, trained workers, and cheap labor and they can easily find other countries to sell their products. What i believe it Will happen, is that if the U.S. keep on putting pressure on China with increases on their exports, China is going to increase the cost on their labor and products. If that takes place, U.S. consumers will pay a high price for Chinese cheap products, because at this point and time, the U.S. doesn't have the manufacturing capacity that China has. We must use wisdom in dealing with China and other commercial partners, otherwise we will suffer the consequences.
Lex Luther
Trump is a troll at this point
Mexico needs to stop all trade imports with the U.S. and dissolve the NAFTA all together then start trade with Canada, Central and South American countries and China. An increase in U.S. tariffs on all remaining imports from Mexico, would result in significant economic losses for American exporters and importers of the targeted products and lead to cascading trade costs to other sectors, devastating the American economy, the likes not seen since the Great Depression.
Mcallen Barrientos
Boycot made in china Products
Jennifer Wayans
❌ Hi President Xi
Rump the Turd's Tarrifs Is
A Fool's Tax and is
going to affect
American citizens and

In this situation the Fool
is the American Public

Rump the Turd's Taxes
are InDirectly Taxing the
American Public without
them being the wiser

Foolish American President
strikes again , to prove a point
that cannot be found 👎

The Chinese Government would
Do Well to
🔴! Counter This Situation !🔴
and see
how Rump the Turd ,
( Steve Munchkin the
Ignorant Fool ) and the
Rupugnicants will get Hung
by their own voters,
when this drags on and
every American suffers
because of it, when they
his False Promises won't
Last long

🔴 China should and
can cut exports
of essential daily use
by 50 - 75 % and see
the effects
of it
Tariffs are good for the environment . The unintended result👌 Less human consumption, less resources depleted and less working around the clock... 😆🌵🌷🌴 Yeah!
The cost of the tariffs will indeed end up being passed to the end consumers in the USA.

However, the reason behind the tariffs is to make Chinese goods less competitive on the US market ( and not to collect taxes). In that sense, the USA is poised to win greatly in this trade war, because it is only a matter of time those same Chinese goods are replaced with goods coming from other parts of the world (on the US market).
Thus the US is only truly risking having to replace its soybean and canola production with another crop (a relatively very small longterm problem), while the Chinese side could potentially face a disastrous overproduction issue.
It will not be long before the same tariff costs that are currently passed on to the US consumer, are reduced by cheap products flowing into the US market from other locations and replacing the tariffed Chinese goods, with goods from other US trade partners.
Chai Sing Ang
I am from Malaysia. The US is the crooks and bandits. They make the poor poorer. They gain huge profit by selling their expensive products to us and make themselves super rich. Very cunning.
pathwayto enlightenment
At least the trade deficit is coming down which is a great thing...China wants there surplus to double...
pathwayto enlightenment
America can put as much tarriffs on Chinese products as they want...And China does what they want....China always play hard ball so now the USA will.play hard ball...Still the trade between China and America is not balanced and China still has unfair duties fees...Still China blocks American companies from the Chinese market...
you you
US do not respect other country. Bully
Jason Tempel
It is far past time to restructure global "economy" THE REAL PROBLEM DESTROYING HUMAN RIGHTS & ECOLOGY!!!
Jason Tempel
It is far past time to restructure global "economy" THE REAL PROBLEM DESTROYING HUMAN RIGHTS & ECOLOGY!!!
Jason Tempel
It is far past time to restructure global "economy" THE REAL PROBLEM DESTROYING HUMAN RIGHTS & ECOLOGY!!!
Toucan Sam
These pundits know nothing. The Chinese need us more than we need them
Here is what's going to happen: Americans will stop buying Chinese junk which becomes more expensive, and will start to buy better quality goods from other countries, which represent better value for money.
This is Definitely GOOD for the Global Economy!
So, there will be less orders to China, which means less revenue for (government owned) Chinese companies, which means employees layoffs, which means growing number of unhappy Chinese, which means BIG Problem for CCP and for Xi Jinping personally. 😂😂🤣
Chinese play 'Go', so they should be able to understand what happens four moves ahead! 😂😂🤣
Tan Meng Huat
Tariffs not only disturbed the supply chain but also pulled down the economy of the world including US and China! Due to the rocket high debts, US's economy will eventually setbacks to great recession and collapsed! Hoping for the day to come!
Tina Malsingh
Good job mr. president I love you ser. Keep on getting it done . American first.
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🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Could the US China US China trade: Do Trump's tariffs 2 months ago   24:21

A rift has opened up between the world's two biggest economies just as attempts to end the US-China trade dispute appear to be making progress.
The US says China is backtracking on promises, such as protecting intellectual property and stopping unfair trade practices.
President Donald Trump is raising the tariff on 200-billion dollars' worth of Chinese goods from Friday.
Beijing is promising to retaliate, and says it won't bow to pressure to make more concessions.
Both sides are taking an aggressive stance as China's Vice Premier heads to Washington for the latest round of negotiations.
So who's winning the trade war? And what happens if no deal is achieved?

Presenter: Imran Khan

Dan Wang - analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit's Access China Service.
Ross Feingold - Asia political risk analyst, attorney and Republian political consultant.
Einar Tangen - China political risk analyst who has advised the Chinese government on economic and development issues.

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