Need for Speed: Most Wanted Best Racing Movies 2017 9 months ago   2:58:28

Reiji "RAGE" Maeda moves on into Rockport. What was supposed to be a way of meeting new people turns into a street race gone wrong. He has to work his way down to the rotten core of Rockport to get his ride back.

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[0:00] Introduction
[22:22] Blacklist #15 Ho "SONNY" Seun
[29:47] Blacklist #14 Vince "TAZ" Kilic
[36:21] Blacklist #13 Victor "VIC" Vazquez
[43:21] Blacklist #12 Isabel "IZZY" Diaz
[52:08] Blacklist #11 Lou "BIG LOU" Park
[1:04:18] Blacklist #10 Karl "BARON" Smit
[1:09:39] Blacklist #9 Eugene "EARL" James
[1:17:48] Blacklist #8 Jade "JEWELS" Barrett
[1:23:38] Blacklist #7 Kira "KAZE" Nakazoto
[1:32:00] Blacklist #6 Hector "MING" Domingo
[1:40:10] Blacklist #5 Wes "WEBSTER" Allen
[1:53:04] Blacklist #4 Joe "JV" Vega
[2:00:52] Blacklist #3 Ronald "RONNIE" McCrea
[2:13:56] Blacklist #2 Toru "BULL" Sato
[2:28:14] Blacklist #1 Clarence "RAZOR" Callahan
[2:48:26] Rockport Police Department

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Wait. This game had nitrous?! That would have made things a lot easier!!!
I had to make a revision of this video:
Izel Z
this game dont got good graphics but its a good game
Josê Aparecido
Ei mano como se baixa o jogo desse jeito no windows
Has anyone made a petition to remaster this game?
Did this man race one car the whole time or what?
Man the BMW sounds so good.
Its unreal how good it was for 2005
Rishav Thakur
still better than 2012 and payback...remastered needed for sure
Evandro Da Rosa
Yes yes yes [FULL]✓✓
Xander Tas
God I loved this one. The Graphics , the feeling of going fast when you are haulin *ss on the highway with the law behind you, and the sound of Izzy's RX8, with a PRO package engine upgrade screaming when you're pushin it.'
Underground 1 and 2 where good, but they really did it with this one.

After this one they where brain farted
SaucyPlayz Gamez
8:40 that face 👌
Mr Anderson
This was one of the few latest car game's that you could take corner's at these speed's...My opinion.
Mr. Solo
I'm really happy that my childhood was NFS,GTA 5,and wwe games and not fortnite
i wish microsoft made this game backwards compatible. Both Xbox OG and Xbox 360
Swagatam Debnath
EA thinks that graphics and some out of the world car sound are the only things tht we gamers care for. We do care for them, bt then upto a limit. The story needs to be good enough to let the games get a place in our hearts. EA might be earning a lot of money, bt in turn, they r losing hearts from their fanbase. Well, this world knows only about money. What further can we expect from them? 😟
Dikana Juliana
JV is the coolest blacklist bruh no doubt
Su Goi
Dang, he doesn't even use NOS. Great and patient driver playing my fav NFS ever
Afthab Ahmed N
Can you use nitro ?
jo Cold
at 35:59 you got hot why because he almost arrived first
Костя Дмитренко
omg я не думал что это возможно на лексусе
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