READING HATE COMMENTS WITH Answering Your Assumptions About 3 months ago   11:50

Jessica Kobeissi
If you think you hate me, this girl has hated me for much longer. We read these hate comments together.


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squareface xo
Poor haters. All they can do is criticize you because they do not feel good about themselves. You are a talented photographer! And so beautiful. You answered them well. Continue what you do! xxx
jojo cool
Don’t give a fuke with haters are amazing ❤️
Angelica Amora
One of the iconic duo 😂😂😭❤️❤️❤️❤️💯
viper 619811
Well, i love watching your video's they are very entertaining and informative so f$(k all the haters. They should go watch something else.
Jessu Erica Mari Bravante
Your sister is so funny XD
R Mc Call
Jessica, Wow. But her sister (well sorry Jess) Holy smoley.😍. A proff photographer myself in Paris since 25 years, believe you me.. your doing great kiddo
Elijah Mabli
So like next video should be reading off love comments. Love Ms. KoBEAssi....
Sabrina Araújo
why was this so entertaining lol
Sebastian Brown
this video gives me life!!!!
Lauren Black
"People are dying kim" :')))... gotta love your throwback
Rachael McGaha
Love you and your channel, Jessica. Thank you for being so approachable and sweet at WPPI 2019.
Rania Amer
You guys are so pretty mashallah
I wonder how some people could live with so much hatred & bitter heart. Are they really enjoy their life with all these hatred?
She is in denial.
OMG you are so funny, how can someone hate you or be mad at you, I would crack up after a second!! Please keep doing funny videos like these
Kirthi Annem
7:53 have you seen me? I'm a photographer and I don't know much about my gear but i'm still a work in progress, we all are😊.
Yleana Jackson
You're awesome in your own way...Don't listen to the haters!
Ryan Pascual Channel
I just really love you girl. You're one of my idol in photography. Just don't mind those fucking haters. They've just really hate themselves so they're really hate others what's have.
Spawn Brimstone
You twos are hilarious together!
Taren Maroun
haha.. I love this. Mostly because I'm a photographer who also "knows nothing" about her gear. *shrug*
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Answering Your Assumptions About READING HATE COMMENTS WITH 3 months ago   12:31

Am I secretly an introvert? Do I try to look pretty?? Am I a rich photographer? I answer your assumptions in this video!