How To Make an Electric Ferrari Car Out Of Polystyrene IT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME / HOW TO MAKE 8 months ago   07:32

How To Make an Electric Ferrari Car Out Of Polystyrene Foam
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in this video i'm gonna show you how to make an electric Homemade Ferrari Car Out Of Polystyrene Foam powered by a double 9v batteries

the materials i use is also familiar to you and you can easily
get them.

music : 1- Catch_a_Way by Everet Almond

2-Mob_Battle by Silent Partner

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Aalok Kumar
please mention a part in this video
Aalok Kumar
very nice video
Aalok Kumar
thank you
Seema Sangwan
Which glue gun are you using and of how many Watts is it
Manju Tiwari
Which motors are used
binu jerry
can you give me the parts
Can i use hairdryer as the heat gun?
Good stuff
Md Aariz star video
Which machine you use on yellow sheet paper please tell me
Rajni Gangwar
Please tell me what is called a yellow sheet
simple skills
Bhaijaan meri shaan
sir please make a model of truck
Wow! This is nice car!
Shakor rajput Shakor rajput
Ye jo ap ne yellow sheet lagai hai isi kia khate hai
Kamal Gupta
Amazing car
Priya Priyadarsini
what have u used for covering it ? plz tell me
Manoj Kumar
rituraj saha
What is the yellow plastic material ? Can u say the exact name for it
and too fat
man this is not ferrari is ugly ferrari
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IT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME / HOW TO MAKE How To Make an Electric Ferrari Car Out Of Polystyrene 8 months ago   05:04

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