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Captain Disillusion
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Christopher Nolan at Cannes - by Georges Biard
J.J. Abrams at Star Trek Beyond Japan Premiere - by Dick Thomas Johnson
IMAX Theater at Paragon Cineplex - by Khemkhaeng

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Mike Fellhauer
You make it sound like IMAX was just invented, but IMAX has been around since the 1970's, probably before you were born I was watching IMAX films at the world first permanent IMAX theatre in Toronto, Canada since May 1971.
t 77
The old definition of resolution that I was taught in School was the minimum distance of two lines for them to be identified as being two lines, not one. Thus, on most displays, 2px ⭤ and ⭥, and roughly 3px diagonally 🙂
Thus it's easy to give the resolution of analog media and thus an equivalent pixel resolution 😎
Love your work btw!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
the wolf studio
Tbh, if You did start to make movies and post them to youtube, I'd definitely watch them.
Yawesome E
Not to be picky, but at 2:14 was I the only person who noticed it said “Dink Thifferent” ?
0:00 androids be like
To this day we still dont know what powers the guy has
Dacreepa99 Gaming
On the ISS they have a 12k camera
zeeshan mohamed
Captain has gained a bit. Or...
Ashton Gregory
I dont know why but that intro made me laugh so hard
Don’t trust Orang
0:00 android users be like
GrasssHooper [GD]
Android users be like 0:00
1440p is where it's at
I have 4k screen but I watch hd videos because of the bandwidth and the distance at which I sit to the screen. Also 4k camera does not have 4k resolution..
Fun fact: the 1st 1080p video on youtube was the muppets singing bohemian rapsody
Name Withheld
The visual effects he makes put current movie makers to shame. I don't know why he can't just make his own film company like Pixar? He does a better job
Adam Šindelář
Whait where is my qHd
Jim Mitchell
I remember people telling me 1080p was too much and I wouldn't be able to tell a difference in my room/on my desk. As improvements in the technology come out, 8k WILL be the standard. It already is in Japan where they're broadcasting OTA in 8k already.
Captain D when are you gonna start putting episodes on Gameboy Advance Video?
anonymous Crabz
I watch youtube in 720p
Kevin Slater
I watched this entire video in 480
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