Build a Safe with Combination 28 COOL DRAWING TRICKS 5 months ago   17:18

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How to make a safe with combination number lock from cardboard. I just want to share this idea and make it for fun. I hope you like it. Thank you for watching!! Please subscribe to get more interesting videos:

You need:
- Cardboard
- Rubber bands
- Ice-cream sticks
- BBQ bamboo sticks and chopstick

Cardboard Measurement:
(cm = centimeter)
3cm x 12cm = 2 pieces
3cm x 20cm = 2 pieces
10cm x 10cm = 1 piece
12,5cm x 20cm = 1 piece
15cm x 25cm = 2 pieces
16cm x 16cm = 2 pieces
17cm x 25cm = 2 pieces

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зайчик кот
Memo Callejas
A DoD ver y good
Hola Qué TA
Como lo hace😮😮😮
Md Faruk Rohaman
Please how to make a paper printer mashin
Tazo Natenadze
easy to break :( hehe
Tazo Natenadze
password is 168 easy bruuuuuuuu XD
Diego Cortez
Q crac meta
Lureano Malave
es dibertido
The 5 UFT
Thats soooooooooooooo cool
The 5 UFT
Chunchun Rajak
Pavan Kalyan
All butanes klek chesthe vasthundhe
Hannah's Crafty Corner can get a WOOD box and drill some holes in a door or something and put an actual lock on it. I'm not hating but this looks complicated
Robedgrta Wagnder
if I,can
Robedgrta Wagnder
Good Job of that
Balmukand Panchal
Sunit panchal badiya
Omg no one can cut through cardboard it's soooooo hard
Barley and holly Gaming
It won’t work in a robbery
junaid macabato
Wow its is awesome😎
Nice idea, but too hard, really. And plus its made of cardboard so anyone could easily break it.
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28 COOL DRAWING TRICKS Build a Safe with Combination 5 months ago   12:24


If you've been struggling with painting or just want to use drawing for your kids development and entertainment, these amazing tricks are just for you!

I'm gonna demonstrate the simplest and most creative ways to learn numbers while drawing animals! You'll gradually turn 1 into curious giraffe, 2 into beautiful swan, 3 into cheerful butterfly, 4 into cute fish, 5 into nice bird, 6 into snail, 7 into playful monkey, 8 into teddy bear and 9 into magpie.
That's quite a zoo we got here! ;)

I'll show you how to draw incredibly creative origami picture of ballerina girl!
We'll draw some cute one line animals and animals from circles!
I'm a strong believer that teaching and learning must and can be fun! And this video only proves my point, doesn't it guys? ;)


1:05 French braid
3:03 Draw like a pro
5:07 One line animals
7:50 Circle drawing


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