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How to make a safe with combination number lock from cardboard. I just want to share this idea and make it for fun. I hope you like it. Thank you for watching!! Please subscribe to get more interesting videos:

You need:
- Cardboard
- Rubber bands
- Ice-cream sticks
- BBQ bamboo sticks and chopstick

Cardboard Measurement:
(cm = centimeter)
3cm x 12cm = 2 pieces
3cm x 20cm = 2 pieces
10cm x 10cm = 1 piece
12,5cm x 20cm = 1 piece
15cm x 25cm = 2 pieces
16cm x 16cm = 2 pieces
17cm x 25cm = 2 pieces

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Soccer Trickier
Can you make me one
Gabby Wyatt
Would would you put in your safe?

RaCeCaRs, OrEoS, aNd My FiDgEt SpInNeR.
Malak Diab
imagen doing it and inside ya have an iron one that can't easily be opened... like oh that looks easy to steal from, then, oh they will catch me🀞🏻
Rajat Kumar Maurya
Kitna ma sell karao ga
Apka ghar kaha hai ????
Apna number do
Laura Cavalcante
Muito bom πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
Amit Mahlawat Amit
We try another number why it didn't open
Others can still get it they just RIP it then you lost them all xd xd
Wajeda Shaikh
It will be good work but anyone easily break this
Raju Singh
Very difficult...I am not that smart....I can't make it
Govindarajan Mathan
agle din hi
Ninad Deshmukh
I like this video 🀩🀩
Gaby Vlogs_10
*Who else watches this wanting to do it but too lazy...*
Happy Life
I can open anyone locker by pressing all numbers ......
Easy !!!!!
I love your idea but if you made it with wood or metal it will better safe than now
Ruapcand gupta Gupta
Good ideas and thanku
Harold Geiser
It doesn't matter if you can break it cuz its so cool anyway!

Oh, and can u try with wood!
Rubi Devi
Amazing πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
Shaxruz Utkurov
It,s super sefa
Sofia Mastropasqua
no comment se you not like
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How to Make Amazing Puppy Dog House Build a Safe with Combination 2 days ago   04:49

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This house is suitable also for your cat!

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