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Who is the Valonqar in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5? And who is the Valonqar in the books?

This is a prelude to the "Cersei's Death" hypothesis video.

You’ll often hear people speak about the Three Big Twists to Game of Thrones Season 8. What we are referring to is something show Runner David Benioff once said: That there would be "three holy sh-- moments."

The first was Shireen. The second was Hodor. And he said that the third will happen at "the very end."

Here is one of my ideas for what is commonly known as the third big twist of game of thrones Season 8 ... Cersei's death, but not by Tyrion or Jaime or even Arya ... by Tommen

This video is both an analysis of events from past seasons of HBOs "Game of Thrones" as well as Game of Thrones Season 8 theories and Game of Thrones Season 8 predictions.

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- kev
I suppose the showrunners thought the ladt WTF moment was going to be when Jon kills dany
Could someone please tell me the name of the music at the end of the video please.
Lyanna Finn
I loved this video. And truly believe some variation of this will happen in the books! We will see 🤓
Only one problem: how would Arya get Tommen's face since he's long dead? Maybe Tommen's death will be different from the show. Personally, I think the Valonqar is Cersei's unborn baby. I interpreted the part of the prophecy of Cersei having the life choked out of her as more figurative than literal, a slow and painful death. "Valonqar" literally translates in Valyrian to "younger sibling", since gender linguistically doesn't correlate to sex in Valyrian, so the ambiguity of whether the term applies to a male or female is significant because we don't know whether the baby will be a boy or girl. This would also be a well written ending to Cersei, because the only thing she cares about more than herself or power is her own children. She was told that she would only have 3 children, so Cersei's baby will be stillborn, and she'll die from complications of the birth, a slow and painful death at the hands of a younger sibling.
yung turt
Great vid kev :) I cant believe I never caught how much poison is brought up in cersei's song. I like how you call her story a song
André Salgado
Turns out a rock killed her.
Yeah, I’ve been wondering about the valonqar prophecy lately; since it reads “the valonqar” not “her valonqar” I have a hard time believing Tyrion or Jaime will kill her (that and the circumstances that the two are in doesn’t put them in the best position to do so).
Tommen seems the next logical guess. He’s Joffrey’s younger brother and would fit Martin’s style of ironic deaths; Cersei loves her children as an extension of herself and I can’t think of a more appropriate way of her story ending than to have one of those children choking her...
But there’s a problem with this theory: Tommen is still a child and would never kill his mother on his accord. Which is why I believe Arya will kill her wearing Tommen’s face.
Shohan Music
But his body was burned?
One Tw0
I personally think it will be Jaime to kill Cersei, mirroring his killing of Aerys. I think that when Dany makes it to Kings Landing Cersei will have set caches of wildfire all over the city just like Aerys did and Jaime will strangle her before taking his own life.
GoldBeard The Thirteenth
The Hound was the Valonqar. He was the Mountain's little brother and prevented Cersei from escaping King's Landing alive because of the fight. Effectively killing her.
This one was really forced. The Cersei-Master and Mountain-Slave is way to over the top...But I do think that Arya will kill Cersei with Tyrion face and she fool Maggy in her vision, so Maggy and Cersei thought that was "Tyrion".
AJC nini
I think the Valonqar theory was fulfilled in a way. Tyrion pledged himself to Daenerys and brought her (what caused Cersei's death). And she even suffocated by being buried alive.
Flat Mars Society
Well Tyrion led Danni to kings landing where Cersei eventually was basically burried alive kind of being suffocated. Perhaps the golden hands around her neck was also ment to mean Jaime. Idk

Perhaps the prophecy was referring to two people killing her.
Whay is the name of the song in the background?
Mr. Mayhem
So the Valonqar ended up being Jaime. He held her in place long enough that the ceiling collapsed on them when they could have just moved over ten feet and survived.
alice hervan
Where are you honey?
Reginald Amoah
You should help George finish the book. Or better still write a saga yourself.
Michael D
It would've been cooler if they just released a wight into the city, locked the doors, and then burned it down the next day
Michael D
Tyrion rolled over on Varys because he knew there would be absolutely no consequences to him, you know why? Do you know why? . . . . .
. . . . Because Varys had no balls.
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Game of Thrones is Broken | 42% Rotten Who is the Valonqar? (book hypothesis) 1 day ago   16:08

As the Game of Thrones petition to remake season 8 passes a half of million signatures. A large portion of the fandom's trust has been broken. A long overdue Rotten Tomatoes video with some of my super chats mixed in. You've heard what I think of season 8, time to hear what you think. It seems the fans care more for the legacy of the show more than the creators.
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