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Peshawar City Pakistan | Pakistani Street Food In Karachi - At Up-Tube.com

PESHAWAR CITY PAKISTAN Pakistani Street Food In Karachi 3 months ago   17:08

Peshawar is the capital of the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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Helge Aslaksen
Ze Pekhawar khokhom - Love from Norway! I was here in 2002. Beautiful people everybody from kids to old people. We never talked about politics or religion. I was here for three weeks. I will never forget it 😍😍😍 Thank you for this beautiful awesome video 😍😍😍
Tourism Pakistan
Nice#Garammasalabyzaid #tourismpakistan
shibu kuttan
Purushothaman Puram
Summer February
Reason so happy bc the love Allah
Summer February
I love to see people faces poor but happy and super rich from heart
Khatija Shaikh
Nice video and city and loveli people
Prakash Gampa
The video will be effective only with the commentary
Jai Hind Dhanaywad
sivananda das
Cameraman ko Mera sukriya....ji app Ka nam bhathdiiyega .Syedali.flutist
sivananda das
Mera man Pakistan me laganhogaya........kya bhathai....... Vedio super. Pakistan zindabad.(Syedali.flutist) insha'Allah jarur mai aaunga.....
Nazia Khanum
Love from india
western model agencies must be have huge income if they recruit these men to be a model
Silver007 007
Very smiley happy faces their governments must be very kind and generous to there people good show😊
Fajar Nurpratiwi
I don't see women there.
Анзор Шамсудинов
As salamu aleikum from Russia! Great video, i follow your channel
Maria Khan Gđ
From Vietnamese
Soumyadip Ghoshal
Mujhe Faluda khane Ka dil Kar Raha hai... From India
Иван Спиридонов
Ещё бы язык знать....
Иван Спиридонов
Классные съёмки. Спасибо Автору!
Luzia Pereira
Just recently I discover Pakitan . I still learning about this country . I'm Brazil , but I don't want compare anything . Pakistan ( and Asia ) is very different place . As I said, learning to like it and hope someday to visit there . Thanks for share .
Deepak Kumar
पाकिस्तान की मिठाई बहुत अच्छी है
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Pakistani Street Food In Karachi PESHAWAR CITY PAKISTAN 3 months ago   12:03

Non-Stop Sandwich Maker at Street Food of Karachi Pakistan. People are Crazy For Chicken Sandwich in Pakistani Food Street. Most then Five types of Sandwiches he Made. Most Favorite Sandwiches are Chicken Sandwich , Potatoes Sandwich ans Special Chicken Mayo Sandwich.
Price 30/- to 50/- Rupees.
Address: Memon Society , Nayabad Kharadar Karachi Pakistan.
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Watch this Video I Hope You Like This.

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